Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Venus and Sun Approaching Saturn

Venus will enter Scorpio right before meeting the Sun, and they are both on their way to meeting Saturn.  See the Detr. abbreviation beside Venus in the data box on left of chart?  That stands for detriment.  Venus is out of power in Scorpio.  Love and kindness are pulled into the seed and saved for a future date.  This can be seen as a challenging time for Venus, but it is a help to Saturn who has been in Scorpio since Sept 2012.  Link to page about Saturn in Scorpio

Venus lining up with the Sun is actually on the far side from us and closer to Saturn than we are.  They have between them many AU’s (distance from Earth to Sun) but not the Sun.  Something is happening between them on the other side of the solar system.

I have the orbits set small and out of actual proportion; if you go to the Planets Today site you can fiddle with the controls and zoom in or set the orbits in more realistic ratios. 

There are all kinds of blues.  Astrology gives us a way to sort them into a wonderful combination of loss.  This one of Venus coming up on Saturn is kindness assisting integrity in the middle of loss.  The light of our system (Sun) and the kindness (Venus) are rising within minutes of each other each day and sitting it out in the house of fate while Saturn in Scorpio takes another swing at pulling us all together, reminding us that no matter how low we are, we stand united and fall divided.  Venus in Scorpio reminds us that falling is part of life’s cycle and the Sun reminds us that life goes on in the midst of all these ups and downs. 

We cannot pick up the leaves and reattach them to the ends of naked twigs on trees.  Venus in Scorpio helps us accept the loss that is a part of the great scheme of things.  As for Saturn in Scorpio, a corrupt tree, even a dead tree stands for years, providing sustenance and refuge for a great variety of life forms.   

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