Free Astrology

These are some sites that I find useful.  I never spend money on astrology sites, and unless you have plenty of it neither should you!   There is an ocean of good information out there that good folks are happy to give away to anyone who will take the trouble to explore.  Have a ball!  An incredible site whose main attraction is a virtual orrery which is more visually stunning and packed with more features than I have ever seen.  Best of all, there is no need to download a thing.  Just pop over....if your computer is slow you may have to wait a minute or two for the blue screen with the site name to transform magically to a field of planets near and dear to Earthlings.  Click on the arrow top right to open the control panel and let the fun begin!

Imagineering  This is my favorite size comparison of planets and stars.  I love the image of the major planets together, it looks just like a family photo!

Stellarium  This is a free downloadable software  planetarium on your computer.  I have had so much fun with this program.  It took awhile to figure the controls.  I have a teenager in my house who could show me how to download and use it.  It is worth figuring out.
Astrodienst  I use this site almost every day.  They are a wonderful service with lots of good info.  This is where I go for all chart calculations and consulting the 6000 year ephemeris.  There are several services offered for sale, but there is also a vast treasure trove of services offered for free.

UNL Astronomy Education   Astrology is all about the solar system.  This Astronomy site from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln has numerous interactive animations that demonstrate the basic concepts of how our solar system works.  It is a fun and helpful site.

The Science of Fire  A NOVA interactive.  It is one of my favorite explanations of how fire works, even helping understand what causes the color in the flame.  I'm afraid they will change this one- please let me know if the link stops working.

Stuff in print that might be in your local library or used book store:
A History of Western Astrology by Jim Tester This is one of my favorites. Tester taught classical studies and helps familiarize the reader with the classic works on astrology from the hellenistic period through the long march to the 20th century. This book really helped me articulate the indispensable cultural value of astrology.

Here are links to info about some of the astrologers who wrote in the first half of the 20th century.  The link to Michael Meyer takes you to a more recent essay that gives an overview of the changes in the field through the last century.

The Sun is also a Star by Dane Rudyer He performed with Eric Satie, is that not enough to get your attention? “…he has the very special gift of always keeping before our minds the whole. …breaking the whole into an infinite number of parts. His ability to dissent and analyze, to show the relation between the parts, and finally relate the parts to the whole, is an exceptional one.” Henry Miller on Dane Rudyer

Astrology: How and Why it Works by Marc Edmund Jones Starts right off with Old Testament quotes to explain very basic concepts.

How to Judge a Nativity by Alan Leo This guy is from way back in the early 1900's. I think of him as late victorian. He had a lot of connections w/the Theosophical Society.

The Compleat Astrologer by Derek and Julia Parker This is a coffeetable size book, published around 1970. My paperback copy was a lucky find in a used book store.

A Handbook of Humanistic Astrology by Michael R. Meyer This was the book that taught me how to calculate a chart and introduced basic concepts of the Western Zodiac in modern usage.