Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Sky Daily April 8 Featuring Sun/Mars conjunction from Feb 2011

Today we Examine Sun/Mars conjunction from Feb 2011

As we look at our nifty sky maps today we see mercury is only a day away from retracing its steps to the sun and it is arriving just in time to get in on the sun's meeting with jupiter.  This is party time for those who like philosophy or just thinking about the meaning of life.  

So in my little salon we are going to review the last 4 months focusing on the conjunction of  the sun and mars.   We see these planets come together about once every 25 months; the big ball of nuclear fusion and the martial element.  Normally I would think of Alexander reviewing the troops in Tolstoy's War and Peace when I see a conjunction like this; but this year was special.  It's not often that we see this conjunction in Aquarius, or see so many dictators get thrown out on their butts.  Astrologically speaking we haven't seen anything like this since the sun met mars in 1964 in- can you guess which sign?   Aquarius. 

As time progresses we see these extravaganzas take place about one or two signs ahead of where they occurred on the preceding meetingFor instance the last time mars was overtaken by the sun was early Dec 2008 when they met in Sagittarius, an electric place for the sun, shining to the right of our feet if you think of the north pole as our head.  Keep in mind that zodiac signs are poetic shorthand to describe the angle of the sun's light shining on the earth.  This February they met two signs farther along than in 2008, in the sun's most difficult sign: Aquarius.  The sun rules in Leo (How we worship it in summer!) and is in its fall during the opposing month of Aquarius. 

Now without talking about the placement of historic planets like neptune and uranus, we already have a moment of historic proportion:  the blazing ball is without power and mars is descending from the top step of the Olympic podium where it had just received its gold medal.  This is the first time since 1964 that the shining gravitational center had been so weakened as it came upon the recently exalted troops.  This is what astrologers mean when they say a planet is in its fall, and in this neighborhood, the sun is the biggest and brightest of us all.

Tomorrow, when mercury is confiding to us directly from the line of the sun, we will put this year's sun/mars meeting in the context of the pluto/uranus conjunction of 1965.

Recent Sun/Mars Conjunctions

Feb 5, 2011   A ! E 16°k
Dec 6, 2008   A ! E 15°i
Oct 23, 2006   A ! Eh
Sept 16, 2004   A ! Ef
Aug 10, 2002   A ! E 18°e
July 2, 2000   A ! E 11°d
May 13, 1998   A ! E 23°b
March 4, 1996   A ! E 14°l
Dec 27, 1993   A ! Ej
Nov 8, 1991   A  ! E 16°h
Sept 29, 1989   A ! E  7°g
Aug 25, 1987   A ! Ef
July 18, 1985   A ! E 26°d
June 3, 1983   A ! E 13°c
April 3, 1981   A ! E 14°a
Jan 20, 1979   A ! E 29°j52`   Almost!  8 minutes away from k.
Feb 17, 1964   A ! E 28°k  Bingo!