Friday, October 4, 2013

Libra Moon Eases Venusian Debility

The Moon has been in Libra since about 10pm Thurs and will meet the Sun by 9:30 tonight (Friday, Oct 4)  This is another little breather like the one the weekend of Sept 28 (Moon and Jupiter Radiate Light of Kindness on Buried Venus) that eases this period of Venus in Scorpio.  Libra is ruled by Venus who is stuck in a difficult place while in Scorpio.  But the Moon coming through Libra in the 2 ½ days it takes to pass through a sign, is like a nurturing presence in the balanced territory of temporarily indisposed Venus.  If you look at the charts for the posts in the last few weeks you can see that Venus is also finally putting some distance between herself and Saturn, the planet of discipline.

Mars is still in Leo until Oct 15.  Here is a link to an article about Mars in Leo -> The Change in Mar's Chain of Command