Friday, November 19, 2010

Like it Too Much!

A Mexican friend describing in English his enthusiasm for Elvis once said, "I like him too much!"  I love stumbling with friends from other cultures over unfamiliar expressions, it makes me feel like water tripping over pebbles on the way to the sea.  I like Uranian transits too much!  This past weekend I got hit upside the head over and over with the serendipitous beauty of Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces conjunct my native venus.  I'm not going to list all the...yes I am:
In Durham on the second day of an astrology workshop I made a beeline for the Waffle House.  There's beauty #1.  But WAIT; in the parking lot is a recently painted purple pick up truck with the Chevrolet logo in pop tops on the rear window.  That got my attention, and as I circled this piece of work before entering I saw too many geegaws to mention affixed on the headlights, the hood, everywhere from front to back, all recycled materials.  I was lucky to be single and take the only vacant seat at the bar, as a couple of groups sat patiently waiting for a booth.  There on the counter in front of the older guy seated next to me was a cell phone adorned with three discreet blue dimestore gems remarkably similar to the gems on the truck in the parking lot.  Yes, I got to meet the artist!

Beauty #2 was an artist at the workshop who had brought along his portfolio of finely detailed computer generated drawings.  What a provocative and varied collection of work, followed by photos of the wood carvings he now executes!  Wow!

Beauty #3 discussing blogs with a classmate I asked for the address of her inactive website; and this morning was treated to this!  Very cool!

So I am a very satisfied venus in pisces to say the least.  

Blog Update 

I know it is time to make pages on this blog; I hope to make that addition in the next two weeks.  The previous post All Event Times are for Raleigh NC is the first draft of the Our Sky horoscope column that Karen was smart enough to decline for The Triangle.  I am very grateful that she is such a discerning but polite and generous editor. 

I do like having this brief listing of astrological events for the month and I have referred to it several times during November; however, this process of following day to day events is new to me, and I am realizing there is a bit of lag between the astral event and my perceived 'reaction.'  I would like, if time permits, to continue this on a monthly basis since it is a good exercise in following natural time more closely.  Maybe I will have a new listing, on a dedicated astrology page by the 1st of December.

One more addition I am considering is a study of historical persons in the gay rights movement,  or astrological profiles of queer heroes.  My first study subject would be Henry Gerber, who was jailed in 1925 for publishing a newsletter in support of gay rights.  Big plans!  

I almost forgot!  Beauty #4 Kelly Gorritz of the duo GlennKelly blew in from Idaho Sunday night and I was treated to a very exclusive (just the two of us) performance of a few original tunes and one cover.  I was right up close and able to admire intimately her perfectly disciplined fingers working their magic on the neck of her traveling guitar.  Watching her older face as she played, and hearing her calmly fierce voice, renewed our friendship from across many states and left good vibes in my dining room.  



Thursday, November 4, 2010

All Event Times are for Raleigh NC

Nov 3 8:35pm Moon in same degree as Saturn in Libra: an elevating lesson on the responsibilities of friendship.
Nov 5 7:00am  Moon + Venus rise together in Scorpio: invisible in their proximity to the bright Sun, yet touching our hearts with insight of how we are transformed by those closest to us.
Nov 6 12:53am New Moon in Scorpio!  It is good strategy to imagine what we really want regardless of whether it conflicts with our respectful behavior toward others.
Nov 7 1:24am Neptune turns direct; our minds shed tight skin and gain a comprehensive understanding of life by observing the passage of real time.
Nov 7 4:48pm Moon passes Mars in Sagittarius as both planets set on the western horizon: it is a philosophical challenge to see ourselves from a stranger’s point of view.
Nov 9 3:10pm Moon passes exiled Pluto in Capricorn: by reading The Triangle we confront our own exile from society with clarity of purpose. Both planets came over the horizon at 10:30am revealing responsibility so awesome we’ll be amazed at our ability to manage it.
Nov 10 7:58am: in the week since Nov 3 the Moon has advanced 90 degrees while Saturn has moved just 1.  As a community we struggle for consensus and discuss how to move forward in light of the recent elections. 11:10am on Nov 10 a less freaky lunar dawning but a bit of a drag.  I am not talking about a party with your favorite high heels and dresses. Take care of business and you’ll be satisfied later.
Nov 13 11:40am Moon now 90 degrees ahead of the Sun will rise at 2:00 pm just before Neptune which it will pass at 9:15pm.  The more taxes we pay to send astronauts to the Space Station the less time we have to step outside and look at the Moon.  Look in the western sky at 9:00pm and observe her in the last two hours before she sets; that moon is your moon, that moon is my moon.  In our minds we can be astronauts without spending a dime.
Nov 15 8:45am I love to communicate with people at times like this when poetry is most appropriate.
Nov 16 All rise at 2:30pm, ok just the ones who cry at movies; go hide in the bathroom and wash your face before you come out.  See you there!
Nov 18 This is the big day!  Jupiter and Venus return to forward motion and we are full of hope and love.  Remember when everyone was all bothered Oct 4-9?  Mars overtook Venus and then she turned tail and ran the other way.  We were reminded that under the clothing of civilized cooperation is a beast whose function is to ensure our personal survival.  Those willing to disappear in a puff of noble gases are free to ignore this inner animal.  But those of us attached to life are wise to thank this selfish part of us and now negotiate compromise in the spirit of humble mortals.  What does your body need to sustain its inner light?  You’ve weighed your options, now make a reasonable proposition.
Nov 20 Fencing is like any other competition; the one with the most points loses respect if they are not a good sport.  Speak your mind, listen with humility, and all will be honored.
Nov 21 What we’ve had since Oct and will continue through Feb is an unbalanced solar system, there’s no other way to say it, we are continuing to face everyone on the other side of the sun in the mature and responsible zone.  Mars has had his way, yes, but we are on one side looking at everyone else, including the beast, in the grown-up signs of the zodiac; so the full Moon in these months brings the balance of subjective consciousness that we are craving.  12pm give thanks for the simplicity of friends with whom you can work and disagree.
Nov  22 Talk a little, talk a lot.  Moon in Gemini.  Sun enters Sagittarius 5:16am.
Nov 23 “…he has the very special gift of always keeping before our minds the whole. …breaking the whole into an infinite number of parts.  His ability to dissent and analyze, to show the relation between the parts, and finally relate the parts to the whole, is an exceptional one.”  Henry Miller on Dane Rudyar
Nov 24 Moon in Cancer.  Using a pen name, Dane Rudyar wrote the first horoscope column “What’s Your Sun Sign” for an astrology magazine in the 1930’s. He is the guiding light of modern astrologers.
Nov 25 If you’re surrounded by trees or buildings, look for the Moon in the east at 9:30 or 10pm. We can cherish this very intimate member of our solar system without anthropomorphizing it, but like the ancients, I like to imagine the Moon and all the planets with human qualities.
Nov 26 If you don’t have internet go to the library; search “free astrology charts.”  (There’s no need to pay for public information.)  It is your right to know where you began in the symphony of life spinning through our solar system.
Nov 28 4:35am Moon enters Virgo: research and practice telling people what you learn.  The only excuse for ignorance is abject poverty; we are responsible for our own education.
Nov 29 Noam Chomsky said his job is not to speak truth to power, but to inform the powerless.  Though it may seem insignificant, you change people’s lives when you spread reliable information.
Nov 30 Need help?   Mary Pat's email:

Monday, November 1, 2010

Coming Out

As I write this post at 9:16 am the old moon crescent is straight up in the 6th degree of Virgo, the sun is up with its little court of venus and mercury, and mars is about to appear on the eastern horizon to join them.  I hate getting up at 5:30 am to take the dog out to the yard for a pee, so that old crescent is a very welcome sight on this crisp morn.

I know the degree of virgo the moon currently occupies because I am switching between two sites as I write this post: my blog host site and Astrodienst.  I think 'Astrodienst' is German for astro service; but the site comes up in English and then you can choose from several languages.  I use this service every day, throughout the day.  The positions of all planets, chiron and the moon's north node are listed and updated every minute on the home page, and in just a few clicks you can get to the data entry page for calculating a chart for any time or year, way in the past or future.  I have gotten one faulty chart for a person born right before war time ended after WWII; Astrodienst gave the time as 'standard' instead of the correct war time, which threw the chart off by an hour.  I have not heard back since they said they would 'look into it;' other than that, they are providing an invaluable service to the astrological community by making this chart calculation tool so widely available for FREE.  Thankyou so much Astrodienst!

There are other sites that give free chart calculations, and like Astrodienst include a computer generated interpretation.  Some have wiki listings for astrological vocabulary and forums to discuss astrology.  AND many have stuff about Mayan, Chinese and Vedic astrology.  The universe just goes on and on, and astrologers do all they can to roll with it.

It is now 8:48 am, and it looks like mars has been above the horizon for about 8 minutes.  I had better get to my job that pays and earn a living while the sun shines; but before I go (I almost forgot!) my realization for the day is that it has been good to come out of the closet where I hid my passion for astrology.   The world really is a kinder place when we let our light come out from the shadows.