Thursday, December 1, 2011

Venus conjunct Pluto

I have to admit, finally and after months of consideration, that I'm not sure I want people to read my blog. It has become my journal, in the most literal sense of the word; when I am studying past planetary configurations and want to recall what I was doing or thinking at that time, my blog is a record with the exact time of publication included. I first noticed this when composing the post about the mechanics of the chart; it occurred to me that I could look up the exact time I started the blog by looking up the publishing time of the first post. This week when considering a period in Dec 2010, I went back to my posts for that period and was amazed to find such a telling record of what was occupying my mind at that time.

This morning I hit the send button at 9:16 am to send a warm and informative bit of electronic correspondence to my sister. I told her of a strange dream I had last night about our parents. This has been the best meeting of venus and pluto, only because I was able to make the connection between the planets and what was happening to me.

Blessings to astronomers and astrologers all over the world who make time so rich and fascinating.