Friday, June 27, 2014

New Moon Center Stage in Birjand, Iran

The new moon is now a done deal, but we can still talk about it.  I’ve got a few maps showing where it was in the sky in a few places around the globe.  The sun was not yet up in our town but it was in a lot of other places. 

Around here, people up sky gazing before sunrise could have seen Venus, except for the clouds.  I don’t know because I was sound asleep.  Looking at the first chart (for Raleigh) you can see the symbol for our lovely neighbor light (♀) at 4°32‛ and it had just ascended.  

The rest of the charts are for the same time in different places around the globe.  
The Sun/Moon pair are pretty high in Istanbul and Baghdad, but not quite center stage.
The last chart shows Birjand, Iran where the local time was 12:38pm.  You can tell it was the same time on all the charts because the fast moving Moon was lined up with Sun and the Universal Time was the same.  Universal Time is about the same thing as Greenwich Mean Time. 

Since Birjand was facing the Sun/Moon coupling, located at almost 6° we know they had just gone through the lowest point in their daily revolution on earth’s tilted axis.  While the Sun is in Cancer () we see it highest in the sky.  Whoever sees the Sun, or any other object on the mid heaven when it is at its highest elevation knows they are at their lowest point in their daily spin. 
While Birjand was it its low point, Bakersfield California was its high point with Capricorn () on the MC (I did not make a chart for Bakersfield- you will just have to believe me, or go find the Bakersfield and Birjand on the globe).  Raleigh was turning down, as shown by the sign Aquarius ().  Are you dizzy yet?

Last but not at all least- it took me 20 years to figure this stuff out. Part of the problem is that this is so difficult to explain - I have not seen it laid out anywhere in my studies of astrology.  Though the concept is amazingly simple it is not at all obvious.  Please do not despair if you cannot make sense of this stuff.  Give it time.  One day you will look at a clock and translate that to knowing where you actually are on Earth in our solar system and it will be worth it to have felt so lost when you started out trying to understand the real meaning of astrology.  Don't give up.....and one day you will know where you really are.