Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 2012 Horoscopes

Aries:  An infectiously upbeat attitude becomes more vulnerable on the 7th.  While diplomatic tensions peak with a sobering test of courage Aug 13-15, kindness will rule and fairness will be appreciated.   From 1:30 pm Aug 22- 11:30 am Aug 23 you have a brief chance to strategize without repercussions, after that you are the pilot on a private mission.

Taurus:  Aug 7 you answer the door and find an alien infant in a basket making disturbing noises.  The next day the feeling of crisis will give way to the routine of life support.  By the 13th you’ll see how caring for others is as indispensable to life as leaves on trees.  This month’s crisis is a chance to find out what you’ve learned and which skills you want to sharpen.

Gemini:  On Aug 7 the harmonizing influence stabilizing your life since April will move on at the same time your creativity becomes free to explore further afield.  You are in a good position at the middle of the month to gain philosophical or musical understanding from contractual tensions.   This month’s challenge to gracefully fulfill an obligation under pressure is a chance for Gemini to shine.

Cancer:  A relationship that’s been casual and intellectual since April will become more familiar after Aug 7.  You are a mother coyote this month, caring for a pack on the edge of civilization.  Religious rules about eating are institutions to preserve certain alliances.  The more scarce the resources, the more a pack must encourage discipline.  Aug 13-15 you are encourager in chief.

Leo:  Leo’s are exceptional teachers because their reverence for casual conversation elevates it to a higher level.  They spark beauty with openhearted enthusiasm to sharing ideas.  Aug 7 begins a tour spreading the gospel of pleasure; Aug 16 early risers see Jupiter, Venus and maybe even Mercury rise before the sun.  Your community rewards you for preserving traditions.

Virgo:   In 1848 when tax exemption for the nobility was abolished in Hungary, The Married Women’s Property Act was passed in New York, and the first Women’s Rights Convention was held; sorting out the language and helping define the aims of these social movements was tedious and largely thankless work…but everyone involved thought the dream was worth it.  We’re in a similar time, and starting late on the 22nd, attention to details will bring new visions into clearer focus.

Libra:  The skill most respected in politicians, teachers, and business owners is the ability to compromise and to cooperate with a wide variety of personalities, to strike a deal with a friendly hand shake.   A strong wind does not destroy structures designed over time to receive the force, and the rest will get a chance for renewal.

Scorpio:  After Aug 23 truths will become secrets waiting to get free.  Before that you will have no control, but perfect opportunity to decide which truths are most vulnerable and how to protect them.  Pickled, salted, or is mummifying the only option available for the time frame involved?

Sagittarius:  Somewhere between 1995 and 2008 you shed innocence.  Some people toss it like a shirt on the bed, others fold it up and put it in a closet hoping one day to reclaim it.  Some people fleeing oppression leave innocence in the woods and grab whatever clothing will let them pass unmolested.  This year you feel as blessed to look back on that process as a historian who finds witnesses.

Capricorn:  Aug 13-15 is time for baptism in the waters of religion, history, and tribal myth.  The more we know about the roots of traditions, the less we are slaves to self destructive belief systems.  Aug 1-22 get the word out and keep as many parties at the table as feasible; after that start privately strategizing for various outcomes.

Aquarius:  The first of the month an organizing principle balances theatrical flare, and the end of the month it gives ideas for adjusting the script.   Emerging developments Aug 5, 6 should be interesting when the moon lines up with your planet (Uranus) in Aries.  Aug 15-18 look like a lot of fun as the moon passes mercury.   

Pisces:  Aug 3,4 and 30,31 are good days for flights of pure imagination outside graduated cylinders. Aug 11 your tender sense of luck this year is highlighted.  Tension is high Aug 15-17, but Aug 22-26 the sun opposing Neptune highlights clarity, and the moon illuminates exiles in healing  institutions.