Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy Charts

Yeay!  As of 7:40 last night (local time) or 12:40 am GMT we are at the beginning of the new cycle between Mars and Jupiter.  Yessirree it is a new beginning indeed, as now we have Jupiter, the ranking officer coming over the horizon before Mars the ignorant foot soldier.  To be led by one prepared with studied glances at the map of upcoming territory is a real boon, as opposed to following orders to penetrate unknown backstreets or swamps or realationship labyrinths from families to board rooms.  Leading with inspiration and confidence as opposed to blind courage.  The field soldier (Mars) has the advantage of strength but sorely misses reliable insight.  Now the leader (Jupiter) can relay strategic wisdom from the front of the line instead of the back.

The switch is circled in blue in today's first Happy Chart.  We in Raleigh were facing away from the Scorpio section of the ecliptic so the pair appears on our Happy Map under the horizon.  We probably should say Smart Map because whoever came up with this system is a genius.  But I prefer happy because it makes me happy to study maps of where I grew up hearing that God lives.  By the way, this is a two year cycle; Mars and Jupiter will have all kinds of adventures between the two of them, but we won't see them aligned again till March 2020.

&   *   &   *   &   *   &

Thennnn---let's see if I can remember......Oh right, I thought geez that was a kind of quietly ruff changing of the guard.....and made a chart (Happy!) Or (Smart!) (Take your pick)  for Venus reaching fullfillment with the Sun.  They are circled (or highlighted) in green in the 2nd & 3rd charts.  That planet which they are both sidling up to is distant, disrespected Pluto.  The three way pile up is happening in the happy (Capricorn happy goat) sign of guvment.  As in circus.  I saw an amazing Russian circus at a Trump casino years ago with my traveling hero partner.  We were on our way to Germany and visiting his family near Atlantic City.  Some animal rights group left a BIG pile of d-u-n-g at one of the casino entrances.  I did not see it, I just heard about it.  There were elephants and guys doing barrel rolls on horses as they galloped around in circles, just like Eskimos doing barrel rolls in canoes.  There were also a couple of silent, graceful clowns tossing caps onto each other's heads from hundreds of feet across the venue- one guy was in the top of the stands on one side; he ran up the steps between members of the audience, and tossed a hat, pretty as you please, it wafted through the circus air and landed right on his buddy's head in the opposite stands.  That's the part my soon to be husband always recounts when we recall the free circus at a casino in Atlantic City, NJ.

I know it wasn't exactly free.  A certain beloved grandmum signed over the deed to her house one night and an uncle had to arrange a very expensive rescue.  They tell the story like my Mexican friends recount going to court for driving without a license.  These are the sad facts of life that people living on the edge must contend with.

I am running on a bit.  I wanted to mention one of my fave meditations- pondering the difference between the cycles of Venus and Mars.  You never see Venus, love, love, hippie flowers love!  far from the Sun.  It makes me think of some Lou Reed lyrics "I'm stickin with you!  I'm stickin like glue!"  Then I think he says something like, "anything thing that you do, i'm gonna do too."

So when Venus is in fulfillment (aka superior conjunction) it is invisible!!  It is obscured by the light of the Sun.   We on earth never come between Venus and the Sun.  Whereas Mars is up all night long when it's in fullfillment wSol, but, I love this, it is so cool to just let this stuff swim in my grey matter, it is going backwards!  Backwards along the ecliptic, that is.  This is like finding out your parents actually had television and listened to the Rolling Stones; the ancients actually watched heaven ( I reckon that's what happens when you don't have tv).  They spent so much time contemplating a bunch of boring pinpricks of light, they figured out that Mars was far out and we go between it and the Sun, while Venus is close in and we don't, we just can't come between them.

They thought about what this had to do with plants and animals and how both life forms have evolved over the millions of cycles of Venus, Sun and Mars; that plants, like Venus are stuck like glue, but animals, like Mars can travel.  So Mars is drawn with an arrow coming away from the circle of the Sun, while Venus is drawn as a cross (the happy point of two lines intersecting, horizon and meridian; the cross of existence, being in a body on earth) under the circle of Sol.

Well, I have said most of this before and I'm not too crazy about repeating it, but I will keep on keepin on like a seed putting out new shoots every spring.