Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Uranus Transiting Venus in Pisces

It's about as good as it get's.  That's probably not how respectable astrologers would say it, but I'll bet they don't have Uranus transiting their 6th house!  I swear I feel like Cinderella, in the pumpkin on the way to a bar where her best friends hang out.  I am one happy chick.  This is a once in a lifetime experience and it feels like it too.

The fact is it doesn't get any better than venus in pisces, but to have a Uranian transit really makes kindness and beauty a big event.  It shakes it up and gets things all rearranged.  It is a complete gutting and remodeling with new landscaping to please the senses.

All the grasping for love that used  to haunt me is gone.  I just have learned to see it every where.  I'm a little nervous about Uranus entering Aries because I would sure hate to go back to the fights I had with people and the bad attitudes I once could not shake.

I hope now I will be able to stand up for myself knowing I am not trying to offend anyone, I am just trying to live in love.

I always wanted to be more compassionate.  To understand how people become sick and poor, how it is we wind up suffering.  In the last seven years I learned; first when Uranus transited my natal mars at 5 degrees Pisces, then these past two years when it transited my natal venus.  The venus transit gave me a chance to forgive myself for all the crazy things I did during the mars transit.  (The mars transit was probably more fun than I ought to have had.  But that's mars then isn't it)

During the mars transit I had my husband evicted from our home and really stirred up a terrible storm for him.  I got so crazy he thought I was doing cocaine, but I was just high on hormones.  Then by the time the venus transit came up I could barely walk when I got up in the morning.  I dropped customers and stopped exercising.  My heart raced at night and my hands shook.  I felt something funny in my neck and chest.  I choked on food which wasn't alarming because I was eating all the time, often as fast as I could.  I could simply never get enough food.

I was always stuffed.  Stuffed.  For 30 years I stuffed myself most of the time.  I walked the streets at night.  I  worked over 60 hours a week then dropped out and smoked pot and listened to music and read books for eight years, living on less than $100 a week.

I was diagnosed with Graves disease two years ago.  I learned that all that eating and ecstatic walking and singing in the streets in the middle of the night was fueled by a toxic excess of  hormones coming from my thyroid.  What a Uranian transit!!  What a revelation.

I am a much different person than I was two years ago.  I now sleep at night and feel like a slave to the limits of my body.  I used to love the things my body could do, I used to truly appreciate my body.  And I'm so glad I did because I will never have it again.  I am not only much older but no longer coked up on hormones.  Now I only have fond memories of singing in the night.

But I have gained self control.  And compassion.  I now know what it is like to have a handicap, a physical limitation that no one can see or understand unless they have experienced it.  I now can understand people who have fibromyalgia or nerve damage.  I now understand what it feels like to be brought to your knees by the cruel fates that ultimately are visited on all bodies.