Saturday, March 19, 2016

My Uranian Transit

it is really scary trusting my journal stuff to google.   i haven't written in my paper journal for weeks.  i sure hope this record does not get lost in the cloud.

i may be going with my husband to visit our 20 year old son in Massachussettes.  he is working on Martha's Vineyard for a company that builds and restores wooden sailboats.  in a phone call last week he told his dad we should come up to visit him and check the place out.  he has been there since this past November.  late november.  things came together for the job all of a sudden and he scrambled to get up there before it got winter awful cold.

when my husband said "us," about going up there i asked if he meant "me," as in just him.  i could not believe my son would want me up there.  but sure enough he had suggested we make the trip together.  we have been separated since my son was almost 9.  but we have made 1 day trip as a family- a few years ago, and it was very pleasant.

so i'm so excited i can't hold the tears back.  it will be a real gas to see the wonderful place our son talks about so much.  he brought a couple of local newspapers home for Christmas.  between his stories of work and island life in general it sounds like a very special place.

Uranus is now 19aries13.  my mercury is 20aries31.  a lot of stuff going on now is associated with mercury lining up with Sun near my natal Venus (28pisces).  i have been spending a lot of time with a friend recovering from a brain injury.  we have gotten together every one of the past 5 weeks.  we camped overnight at Jordan Lake Thurs night, the night before last.  i was hoping to see Opiuchus in darker skies, but cloud cover came in by 3am.  still Orion was pretty bright behind big moon light and we got the woods all to ourselves-there was not another camper in the 'primitive' New Hope Lookout section of the park.

i guess that's it for now.  just want these exciting events recorded for future reference.  The call with my husband was 7:12last night.  he called me a bit earlier and i called back as soon as i saw.  then i babbled for at least 20 minutes about my visits with our friend and the overnight campout, then came the great news.  we might be going in less than a week!