Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sagittarian Time

Here comes December and the new Triangle is out.  I had to share computer time last night and was not able to finish reading the 1st page piece on 307 Knox Records, a great piece on the gender cool music scene.  I've been scheduling for the xmas season and received an email from a customer thanking me in Spanish.  I replied in Spanish and got a thrill thinking about them exchanging emails with people in Chinese!  The last time I cleaned, there was a several page packet in their kitchen with poetry translated from Chinese

The coolest thing about immigrants is that they bring their country to us.  The teacher of my customers' Chinese class I'll bet is Chinese.  Without my friends from Mexico and Central America, I would not be speaking Spanish.  I have Jewish customers who have at least Hebrew script in their house even if they do not speak it.  I have a customer from the Middle East who speaks among many other languages, fluent Arabic.  How rich is life with immigrants. 

I do not wish hardship on anyone, but I am very grateful for the friends who came to my country fleeing some problem in their own, whether as victims or privileged oppressors, refusing to participate any longer in their native political system.

Bueno, te lo explico en español.

Happy Hanukah
Mejor musica.  Disfruta.  Matisyahu: Jerusalem  <-- click here for music video.  ¿Nesecitamos palabras en Español, no?

Andale.  Happy Hanuka!!