Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Venusian Train of Kindness Taking off from the Station

I was up late last night finishing a wonderful biography of Alan Lomax by John Szwed, “The Man who Recorded the World.” 

As I finish this Lomax bio I am struck by how hard he worked to keep modern media from being a ruling Sun of culture broadcasting from a centrist middle.  He fought tirelessly to bring the dances and songs from the rims of humanity all the way to the center and then back out spokes radiating in all directions.  He was fighting desperately for radio and television to be more like the developing zygote of the internet.  Now whenever I hear interesting music and stories from far flung corners of the world on public radio, I will think of Alan Lomax and the other workers of the Cultural Revolution which began peaking in 1965.  And of course since I am an astrologer, it is ever in my mind that during that revolution Uranus was meeting Pluto in the Virgo sign of technology and apprenticeship- balanced by Saturn in dissolute Pisces on the opposite side of the solar system.  

Now to my late night appreciation of Venus- 

Yesterday I kept looking for friendly distractions to give me a break from my studies.  My restless little mind can only fix so much in its mysteriously vast filing system before it begs for relief and entertainment.  Facebook is a great playground, full of witty posts my friends have either made up on their own, or harvested from the net, so I spent a good bit of time there.  I thought about two friends who cannot drive and wondered if I should call the one that was due for a visit.  I kept looking for some sign on Face Book of his activity and saw none.  Still, even though I wanted distraction I felt compelled to leave things as they were.  To wait and see.  It was a big relief last night to see a post appear with a photo of him enjoying an outing with an old friend and his two children. 


A warm Venusian feeling of love took over from the uncertainty that ruled throughout the day and I felt grateful to be part of a community of friends.  It was nice to have knowledge of Venus reaching the point in its new cycle when we can see it moving forward.  My distracted picking at nucleophiles and carbonyl reductions shifted to a meditation on Venus renewing its cycle with the Earth and Sun.  They met (Aug 15) while Venus was invisible (as usual when anyone meets the big Kahuna) in the Taurus section of Leo, and now Venus can be seen in the hours just before dawn in the Capricorn part of the Lion’s sign.  I thought of how a mutual friend, during this renewal of the Venusian cycle of human gestation, had quietly established a tradition of taking a housebound buddy on fun outings with his kids.  The happiness radiated throughout my whole body.  All the worry fell away and was replaced by a sense of well being in this community of humans exercising their ability to love in difficult situations.

I looked on Stellarium to see how visible Venus would be before the dawn and was reminded by the faint red dot just above the ecliptic that Venus is still very near Mars. 

It has only been a week since the planet which ‘moves through the darkness on the far side of Earth from the centering Sun’ overtook Venus.  I recall that on that night I had a visit with a different friend in Wendell who not only cannot drive but also lost the use of his legs many years ago.  He was able to get himself out of my car and back into the wheel chair for the first time without help from the over worked staff where he lives.  Will finally overcame where kindness was too weak to meet life’s challenges.  He called me the next day eager for another visit.  Will had also overtaken his ability to accept with good humor his body’s failure.

It was the following evening, (Sept 1) as Mars was leaving Venus behind in the Capricorn foot of Leo, that I received a text from my other friend, the one who posted about his outing this weekend.  He was sitting outside enjoying the autumn night after finishing a nice dinner.  It was the first time he had reached out to me since I had visited him over a month ago.  So many times I have thought of him and his family and waited to see if he wanted another visit.  I missed him and worried about him but felt it best to wait and not push my friendship on him.  His text came like a voice over a personal radio receiver.  “Hi!  How are you?”  It was such a jolt of joy to get the message that he too thought of me.  Reciprocation is such a beautiful part of friendship.  There are so many ways that life interrupts in this process, but when it resumes we seem thrilled by it, like children facing favorite playmates on a see saw when we feel that lift because someone else has carefully brought their weight to bear on the far side of the fulcrum from ours.  What a wonderful feeling!

Venus has barely moved since I came home Sept 1 and found that “Hello!” from my friend across town, but Mars has marched through the Capricorn foot, the Aquarian, and now this weekend the Piscean little section of the Roaring Lion.  The Capricorn, Aquarian and Pisces sections are just an assortment of slivers from the giant pie slice of Leo Fun.  My dad, who preferred a Schaeffer Beer to sweets, would say,  “Just a sliver for me,” when we were slicing up the rare desert.  By Thursday (Sept 10) when Venus is growing in light like a little green pumpkin in the patch, Mars will be marching through the Aries section of the Lion’s pie slice! 

The old Moon will be right there, like a retiring grandparent providing a bottomless spring of hidden inspiration.  Friends lifting each other, cats licking their young and wrestling with them, entertaining moments of kindness.  We don’t have to decide if it is because of this renewal of the Venusian cycle occurring in the sign of pleasure, but it is sweet to know what is really happening down here.  That as we turn toward Venus in the morning, and see the light of the Virgo Sun just beginning to disperse the darkness of our long fall through the late summer night, that as we see Venus shining anew below little red Mars, we know that we are about to climb through another revolution on our wobbly old planet.  Turn, turn, turn and shazzam!  Look at us!  Look what the planets have made!