Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mercury on far side of Sun

Mercury is getting really close to Sun in the chart now.  We see the pair in Sagittarius which means any location on Earth’s northern hemisphere lines up with them as they are almost to the top of their daily climb.  The vista of the oncoming ecliptic is expanding more than exponentially at this point in the day, it is snapping open like a blossom in time lapse photography.  We reach this point every day, sometimes in the dark, sometimes as Sun is rising.  Right now (late fall) Sun/Mercury are high in the sky when we near the top of our daily climb.
That 'MC' at the top of the bold line is not the handle for a DJ.  It is a Latin abbreviation for Mid Heaven which is the part of the zodiac directly in front of Raleigh NC.  Think of the zodiac as a high fashion belt that becomes thin at two points and from those skinny spots, widens like a shield. The skinny spots are the beginning of Aries and Libra where the ecliptic crosses above and below the celestial equator.  Sagittarius is one of the two areas where the belt is as wide as it gets.  It could be considered an illusion generated by our revolution on a tilted axis or we could say it's an objective view of heaven from an Earthly perspective.  Another effect of our tilted view of the universe is that when we are coming down from the peak we have an awesome panoramic view of what's ahead, while the climb gives us a fantastic perspective on where we've been.  We go through this opening and closing of the oncoming vista every 24 hours. 

The opening in Sagittarius is about 5 times as fast as the closing in Gemini.   Sagittarius literally represents a  sudden widening of perspective that occurs in heaven every day.  The physical reality the zodiac represents is actually a lot more amazing than the predictions people have been making for more than 2000 years.  It takes a bit more concentration and is a lot less titillating, but the rush of insight is one that will stay with you long after the predictions/outcomes evaporate. 

Here is a chart for March 6 to show the Sun's light dawning as we near the peak of our daily climb and so see Sagittarius on the mid heaven.  

Sometimes I think I should be honest and call this blog what it is: Really Boring Astrology: without Concern for the Future.  For people who just wanna know why they do stupid stuff now.  Or why something they thought was such a smart move yesterday looks kind of silly today.  Or vicey versey as in damn that big mistake that looked like the end of my world turned out ok after all.  Tangent.  Tangent.

Jupiter is coming to a standstill.  While our minds are revved on Mercury conjunct Sun in Sag, the dispositor (overseer, or advisor) appears to be going nowhere. 
The world is passing the philosopher, aka hurler of thunderbolts, by.  When we all head off to work, or whatever we do, Wed morn, Jupiter will be backsliding.  That tickles me, probably because right now Moon is in Gemini.  Scroll up and see the Moon at the bottom of the first chart in the mischievous sign of the twins.  The Moon has passed all those sober planets (Saturn, Pluto) and mature signs (Scorpio- Capricorn) and is on its way to lining up with Jupiter in Leo.  While Moon is in Gemini, facing the pack of true believers in Sagittarius, it is like a quiet heretic, keeping its skepticism of high riders to a few cryptic remarks.  Gemini Moon makes a pact with the reformers;  "Go ahead with your propaganda fest, but you won't have an audience till sundown after my family members have earned their bread in the fields."  As committed believers race off to the urgent event, Gemini Moon fills the house with good smells and pleasant conversation.  "See ya when you get home!"  calls Gemini Moon from the opened doorway.  When they get back, the silver tongued Moon will be ready for their stories of fantastic conversions and verbal victories.

This balance is sweet but short.  The Moon quickly moves on to Cancer on Monday then Leo on Wednesday, where it too is caught up in the fire and under the influence of the backsliding philosopher.  The healer is bound to bring love to all.