Saturday, September 3, 2011

September Horoscopes

Our Sky Horoscopes appear each month in The Triangle
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Aries:  On the 19th mars enters Leo and by Fri Sept 23 the celebration will be in full swing.  This will be like those weddings where people shoot rifles in the air; while you are accustomed to this level of enthusiasm don’t be surprised if some of us keep a careful distance from the festivities.

Taurus:  We see venus meet the sun once every 9 months, first on the far side and then between us and big sol.  In mid Aug she lined up on the far side, in Leo; which means you made a Lion happy.  On Sept 14th she’ll enter Libra as she swings back on her return to us; a good time to give feedback that will help friendships mature.

Gemini:  The getting to know you fun and games comes to a grinding halt on the 9th and you get down to the nitty gritty business of giving and receiving.  On the 26th horizons will open up for you and the social pace will be back up to speed.

Cancer:  You begin Sept finishing up partnership responsibilities that had you running the last two days of Aug.  Sept 5, 6 comes the monthly check in with grim reality.  Things will be stirred up on 13-15, but generosity will prevail on the 16th.  The big news is the 19th mars moves into greener pastures and the hardest part of declaring your territory is done.   Sept 27,28 will be a sweetened repeat of Aug 31.

Leo:  The 19th brings a challenge which will not peak until early Oct.  If you can hold off on negotiating till Sept 23rd you will be less tongue tied.  This will be more about self preservation than the courage to create, and you can prepare by making a thorough inventory.

Virgo:  The closer you get to the 25th, the more thinking on your feet will be required.  Sept 7, 8 you can put a ‘gone fishing’ sign out front.  Make a list on the 9th but don’t panic if it loses meaning on the 10th.  On the 12th you will smell conflict, but still have time to think.  While tensions will be released by the 22nd, events after that will begin to unfold quickly, and you’ll be proud of your ability to respond intelligently.  Beginning the 26th you can just toss a coin.

Libra:  “She’ll be riding six white horses when she comes,” is the line that follows “She’ll be comin round that mountain.”  That’s you on Sept 15 when venus rounds the far side of the sun and enters Libra.  Your diplomatic skills will be needed before then but you’ll be like a scared performer in the final dress rehearsal of a play.  You won’t know until you settle into your role on the 17th that practice made perfect. 

Scorpio:  On the 19th your mature sense of humor begins to spark, but before you make light of sacred cows there’s more higher learning to do.   While you are irrigating wounds and changing surgical dressings your faith in the secret power of calamity will be renewed.  The increased energy on Sept 13-15 will signal your returning strength.

Sagittarius:  You are such an eager student teacher, you won’t realize this month that you have your students’ undivided attention.  That will change on the 15th when the reflection of your life in their faces will come into clearer focus.  On the 19th your passion to reach out and touch will put on a clown suit and you’ll have people seriously glad to be under the big top.

Capricorn:  For Capricorns born on or before Dec 26 the worst is over.  Not everyone makes this passage like a camel through the eye of a needle in their life time, but Capricorns are least prepared for the procedure.  Dec 27-31 b-days get ready to shed baggage between now and April.

Aquarius:  Right now you’re resigned to the current status as the logical outcome of past events.  On the 16th you’ll gain a broader perspective, which will be critical on the 19th when the revelers start blasting their music.

Pisces:  This month your planet (Jupiter) comes up around 11:30 and catches the eye all night long, like venus with the ability to go wherever she wants.  Free love; it will steal over you on the 15th after 24 days of mental exertion.  Peace.