Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Janis Joplin

Janis’ Moon in Cancer was almost across from the Sun at the end of Capricorn.  Sun in last duad (twelfth) of Capricorn is an inspired organizer.  Ms. Joplin’s Moon in the 6th house of that late Capricorn Sun was an apprentice to her organizing spirit (Sun is usually translated as spirit or ego).  Earth had passed through the closest point with Jupiter for the year by the time she was born, so the Sun was in a position of equality with the nurturing philosopher.  That meant the inspired organizer had an equal say with the exalted nurturing philosopher.  Exalted nurturing philosopher refers to Jupiter being exalted in Cancer.

Mars in Sagittarius was disposited by Jupiter.  Jupiter exalted in Cancer was in a position to receive praise, but that’s not the same as having power.  BUT, since Jupiter in Cancer is disposited by the Moon, and there was the Moon in Cancer coming to its monthly fate with Jupiter, the Moon (translated as soul) is the ruler of her chart.

Van posted the comment about Janis’ chart (Jan 18, 2015) during a period when Mercury and Venus are in a very similar position to the one they hold in her chart.  Mercury is exalted in Aquarius.  Mercury is usually translated as mind or intellect.  Location of Mercury is associated with style of processing perceptions.  Today Mercury is almost standing still, about to go retrograde, it is just ‘backing off’ from a meeting with kind Venus occurring in the sign Aquarius.  Janis was born a few days after Mercury turned retro.  These periods of Mercury slowing down in Aquarius are associated with clear minded focus, unclouded by emotion or past experiences.  That clear focus was still allied with the planet of kindness even though they were both in a sign of cool headed rationalism.

I hope someone will add observations about Ms. Joplin’s chart.  I have copied it to paper and it is going up on my wall of charts.

Here is a chart showing Mercury slowing down near Venus yesterday. 

 And a snippet from the ephemeris showing Mercury slowing down from day to day.

Thanks to Van for mentioning Janis' birthday!  Now I will have Janis Joplin’s chart on my wall near the ones for Keith Richards and Patti Smith!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sun entering Aquarius almost across from Jupiter in Leo

The executive minister is the student to the king as the parent is the student of the child.  Managers study the advertised policies of business owners as teachers study the creations of their students.  The Sun in Jupiter’s 6th house is studying the philosopher’s pronouncements in order to make the most effective response.  The Sun will cross into Aquarius tonight at 4:44am (9:44Universal Time) the sign opposite Leo.  Jupiter is in Leo until August of this year.  But instead of counting Jupiter’s chickens the Sun is still warming the philosopher’s eggs.  The pair of the great benific and the flaming thrower of almost everlasting fire will not reach their point of complete balance with regard to Earth till Feb 6, when the Source will be seen at 17.5 degrees Aquarius.  Meanwhile the philosopher appears to be backpedalling as little Earth comes through in the passing lane like a smart car tooting around the floating track in the night.
The 6th house is analogous to Virgo the 6th sign of apprenticeship.  When we see the Sun in Virgo we have come a long way from the explosive springing to life in Aries.  On July 24th the Sun had its yearly meetup with Jupiter and since it was in the beginning of the sign Leo (northern hemmies) it was a real philosophical barn dance, a good time was had by all.  Now, the philosopher is hanging in the Sun’s sign while the Sun is passing through the territory of sober Saturn. 
Keith Richards has Jupiter in Leo and is a good example of an entertaining philosopher.  He was born in late 1943.  Jupiter was also in Leo late 1931 early 1932, some of 1955 56, some of 67, 68 you get the picture- about every 12 years.  When Mr. Richards was born the Sun was in the end of Sagittarius and Jupiter was near the end of Leo.  If you count the signs from Leo to Sagittarius you come up with his Sun being in Jupiter’s 5th house of self expression and children.  Let’s count the signs from Leo to Sagittarius.  Leo 1, Virgo 2, Libra 3, Scorpio 4, Sagittarius 5.  So the Sun had gotten pretty far in its cycle with Jupiter, but not as far as the Sun in Capricorn and Aquarius.  Until it gets to 17 Aquarius the Sun is in Jupiter’s 6th house, the one after self expression but before contracts.  The Sun is no longer a protected child to the philosopher, but still has a measure of safety.  It has some responsibility, but not enough to sell the house.  It watches the house and has responsibility for maintaining the upkeep of the house and is learning all about how to run a house.  But in the 6th house from the philosopher the Sun is only an assistant.  When the Sun reaches Taurus it will be in a closing square with Jupiter and will then be responsible for the philosopher.  It will be high in the sky when the performing philosopher is rising.  It will be the worker reminding the philosopher that high falutin words are nothing without a good grasp of how to lay bricks. 
But that’s a few months in the northern hemisphere future.  Right now the Sun can’t expect too much from its relationship with Jupiter.  It has to watch the talker closely, and put the pieces of the puzzle together.  A child cannot say they are getting plenty of sleep at home and lots of attention from older family members, or that they are disturbed at home by a lot of fighting, or not sure when bed time is because of loud music and partying.  The teacher has to listen closely, look at what the child draws, how the child interacts with others and carries herself to determine what the child is dealing with.  That’s the Sun in late Capricorn early Aquarius to Jupiter in Leo.  We think of a planet in Capricorn as being the boss and having the last say, as having ultimate responsibility.  But when we consider the early Aquarian Sun in its relationship to a planet in late Leo we see that that responsibility is not so much about setting limits and laying down the law as it is about observation and determining specific needs.
A manager has to figure out how to run the show by listening closely to what the business owner says she wants.  The business owner often does not know what is actually possible.  The manager has to be a student of everything the business owner says, and then figure out how to turn the pronouncements to workable solutions that satisfy everyone sharing in the tasks.  While the manager may be in a position of authority to the workers she must also observe and pay close attention to their actions in order to insure that no worker is treated unfairly.  Only observant managers can know who is not contributing their fair share. 
One of the things that makes Aquarius and Capricorn good managers is the skill of observing self expression and using that information to respond effectively to others.  That’s my meditation for the Sun entering Aquarius almost across the zodiac from Jupiter at 19degrees Leo.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Plato's Timeaus, Charts for Down Under and Thanks to Gandy Dancers

Somehow I went from the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand and Sophie Duchess of Hohenburg to the bombing of Valparaiso Chile by the Spanish Navy in 1866.  Wikipedia rocks.  When I did the chart for the bombing of Valparaiso I realized I had finally stumbled into an opportunity to figure out the puzzle of charts for the southern hemisphere.  Like just about every other puzzle in astrology, I find myself in disagreement with the vast majority of astrologers.  I know there are folks somewhere out there who see this as a matter of what is actually happening in the sky.  For instance, I can’t find it right now but I saw an Australian blog a few years ago showing people in bikinis knee deep in the surf waving merrily in their red Christmas hats with white tassles.  They discussed how the zodiac of the northern hemisphere is a mirror of the zodiac experienced by people living on the southern part of the globe, or flipped.  Another supporting blog that I can't find declared that inhabitants of the southern hemisphere are disrespected by the charts in popular use among astrologers.  I agree with these people.
Astrodienst, the free and wonderful astrology service that I use every day, does not generate a chart that reflects the flipped, or mirror image, of the ecliptic that people living in the southern hemisphere see.  I have not made an extensive search, but it appears that the vast majority of the astrology community thinks these charts are accurate and see no need to show the Sun coming up on the right side of the chart as it does on the right side of the horizon for those facing north to observe the ecliptic. They seem to be unaware that the ecliptic is above the equator in the southern hemisphere at the same time it is below the equator in the northern, or if they are aware they think it has nothing to do with the zodiac.

I have waited several years to discuss this aspect of astrology.  After posting the videos about what the zodiac means to me I am ready to show how the zodiac appears from ‘down under’ and how to read my charts for the southern hemisphere.  I hope, as I make more searches, to find other people who have reached similar conclusions.  Meanwhile, I will be using hand drawn charts from the Astrodienst data, but presented as seen by people who orient themselves from the Southern Cross instead of Polaris, who see the Sun coming up on their right as they face north instead of south to follow its rise to the midheaven each day.

I have no problem with doing things my own way, but I know it makes people who are unfamiliar with astrology wonder who is right, MP the crackpot, or the hundreds of astrologers who say otherwise.  I can only say this is the account of the zodiac that consistently adds up for me.  It has been presented at least since the time of the earliest Rig Vedas as a wheel with equal sections.  The constellations are easy to locate without abstract reasoning, but they don’t satisfy me as an explanation for the equal sections of the zodiac.  As far as I can tell, Plato’s account of celestial mechanics (I have not studied Aristotle) is concerned with describing heaven, while every other writer that concerned themselves with astrology after Plato was satisfying a public demand for predictions or recipes for predictions.  While much of Timeaus does not make sense to me, I still go back to it because it concerns itself with the relationship between the equator and ecliptic more than any other ancient account except maybe the Rig Vedas.  I say ‘maybe’ because though I have picked out relevant quotes, I have not studied the Rig Vedas.

So I have gone back and found the section of Timeaus that keeps coming to mind as I consider how to present a cartographic format for the southern hemisphere that I consider to be more respectful and reflective of heaven as seen from Valparaiso, Chile or Perth, Australia.

The nature of the light and the heavy will be best understood when examined in connexion with our notions of above and below; for it is quite a mistake to suppose that the universe is parted into two regions, separate from and opposite to each other, the one a lower to which all things tend which have any bulk, and an upper to which things only ascend against their will. For as the universe is in the form of a sphere, all the extremities, being equidistant from the centre, are equally extremities, and the centre, which is equidistant from them, is equally to be regarded as the opposite of them all. Such being the nature of the world, when a person says that any of these points is above or below, may he not be justly charged with using an improper expression? For the centre of the world cannot be rightly called either above or below, but is the centre and nothing else; and the circumference is not the centre, and has in no one part of itself a different relation to the centre from what it has in any of the opposite parts. Indeed, when it is in every direction similar, how can one rightly give to it names which imply opposition? For if there were any solid body in equipoise at the centre of the universe, there would be nothing to draw it to this extreme rather than to that, for they are all perfectly similar; and if a person were to go round the world in a circle, he would often, when standing at the antipodes of his former position, speak of the same point as above and below; for, as I was saying just now, to speak of the whole which is in the form of a globe as having one part above and another below is not like a sensible man.
                                         Plato’sTimeaus:  Senses
                                        Translation B. Jowett

Once again thanks to everyone who takes the trouble to read the Our Sky blog.  Lately I think of people willing to put up with these difficult posts as Gandy Dancers.  The only dancing here is a collective push to get an ancient language back on track.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Moon in Leo reflects Mercury Meeting Venus in Aquarius

Maybe time is not precious, just understanding it and seeing how it creates us.  Seeing how we are woven out of a tapestry of movement and substance.  Here the balance between knowing and celebrating the knowledge.  Standing on the mountain and seeing the river run through the valley while at the same time roasting tender fish born and grown to maturity in that ceaselessly moving fountain of life.  Moon on the far side of Earth reflects Mercury approaching Venus.  Following this pair satisfies a hunger to know what is happening from the point of view above the solar system, to imagine our ancient selves as old as the planets.  Using the zodiac to put ourselves mentally in heaven is claiming our inheritance from the ancients.