Monday, January 19, 2015

Sun entering Aquarius almost across from Jupiter in Leo

The executive minister is the student to the king as the parent is the student of the child.  Managers study the advertised policies of business owners as teachers study the creations of their students.  The Sun in Jupiter’s 6th house is studying the philosopher’s pronouncements in order to make the most effective response.  The Sun will cross into Aquarius tonight at 4:44am (9:44Universal Time) the sign opposite Leo.  Jupiter is in Leo until August of this year.  But instead of counting Jupiter’s chickens the Sun is still warming the philosopher’s eggs.  The pair of the great benific and the flaming thrower of almost everlasting fire will not reach their point of complete balance with regard to Earth till Feb 6, when the Source will be seen at 17.5 degrees Aquarius.  Meanwhile the philosopher appears to be backpedalling as little Earth comes through in the passing lane like a smart car tooting around the floating track in the night.
The 6th house is analogous to Virgo the 6th sign of apprenticeship.  When we see the Sun in Virgo we have come a long way from the explosive springing to life in Aries.  On July 24th the Sun had its yearly meetup with Jupiter and since it was in the beginning of the sign Leo (northern hemmies) it was a real philosophical barn dance, a good time was had by all.  Now, the philosopher is hanging in the Sun’s sign while the Sun is passing through the territory of sober Saturn. 
Keith Richards has Jupiter in Leo and is a good example of an entertaining philosopher.  He was born in late 1943.  Jupiter was also in Leo late 1931 early 1932, some of 1955 56, some of 67, 68 you get the picture- about every 12 years.  When Mr. Richards was born the Sun was in the end of Sagittarius and Jupiter was near the end of Leo.  If you count the signs from Leo to Sagittarius you come up with his Sun being in Jupiter’s 5th house of self expression and children.  Let’s count the signs from Leo to Sagittarius.  Leo 1, Virgo 2, Libra 3, Scorpio 4, Sagittarius 5.  So the Sun had gotten pretty far in its cycle with Jupiter, but not as far as the Sun in Capricorn and Aquarius.  Until it gets to 17 Aquarius the Sun is in Jupiter’s 6th house, the one after self expression but before contracts.  The Sun is no longer a protected child to the philosopher, but still has a measure of safety.  It has some responsibility, but not enough to sell the house.  It watches the house and has responsibility for maintaining the upkeep of the house and is learning all about how to run a house.  But in the 6th house from the philosopher the Sun is only an assistant.  When the Sun reaches Taurus it will be in a closing square with Jupiter and will then be responsible for the philosopher.  It will be high in the sky when the performing philosopher is rising.  It will be the worker reminding the philosopher that high falutin words are nothing without a good grasp of how to lay bricks. 
But that’s a few months in the northern hemisphere future.  Right now the Sun can’t expect too much from its relationship with Jupiter.  It has to watch the talker closely, and put the pieces of the puzzle together.  A child cannot say they are getting plenty of sleep at home and lots of attention from older family members, or that they are disturbed at home by a lot of fighting, or not sure when bed time is because of loud music and partying.  The teacher has to listen closely, look at what the child draws, how the child interacts with others and carries herself to determine what the child is dealing with.  That’s the Sun in late Capricorn early Aquarius to Jupiter in Leo.  We think of a planet in Capricorn as being the boss and having the last say, as having ultimate responsibility.  But when we consider the early Aquarian Sun in its relationship to a planet in late Leo we see that that responsibility is not so much about setting limits and laying down the law as it is about observation and determining specific needs.
A manager has to figure out how to run the show by listening closely to what the business owner says she wants.  The business owner often does not know what is actually possible.  The manager has to be a student of everything the business owner says, and then figure out how to turn the pronouncements to workable solutions that satisfy everyone sharing in the tasks.  While the manager may be in a position of authority to the workers she must also observe and pay close attention to their actions in order to insure that no worker is treated unfairly.  Only observant managers can know who is not contributing their fair share. 
One of the things that makes Aquarius and Capricorn good managers is the skill of observing self expression and using that information to respond effectively to others.  That’s my meditation for the Sun entering Aquarius almost across the zodiac from Jupiter at 19degrees Leo.

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