Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mars Entering Cancer

Tomorrow morning (1:04 pm in Greenwich, England) Mars will pass into Cancer, bringing an end to the info mission.  For more than a month Mercury has had ultimate (not counting the unseen creator) rule over most of the planets.  While the Sun was in Gemini, Jupiter in Leo came under the communicator’s influence and Saturn in Sagittarius through Jupiter.  Now that the Sun is in Cancer, and Mars will be too, the pile of planets ruled by Mercury will come under the aegis of the changing Moon.  Aegis is one of my new words from reading Greek mythology.  It sounds like no one is exactly sure what an aegis is; a goatskin shield, or a protective talisman, but it was a must have for heroes on scary missions back in the day.

So beginning tomorrow Mars will be wearing the image of the Moon goddess over its brave shoulder.  To understand how things are going for the one risking all we will look to the Moon, which moves into a new sign every 2 ½ days.  This will be like a resident physician making the rounds in training through all the different specialties of medicine.  The Moon will be at 3degrees Libra so the first 2 ½ days will be in the diplomacy ward, followed by a stint in the invisible spread of corruption ward, the philosophy and music ward and then the Capricorn integrity ward.  Participation in each new sign will require consultation with a different ruling planet.

Planets, because they stay in a particular orbit, each have a distinct cycle.   Mercury’s cycle is close to the Sun and fast and associated with communication, which is the principle activity of Gemini and Virgo.  Gemini and Virgo are two steps in the unit cycle of the zodiac where the changes from one degree to the next are minimal and take a keen, methodical eye to distinguish.  It is ironic that they are called mutable signs because they are the final steps toward a major change but are actually refinement of significant changes that have already taken place.  Gemini and Virgo are like taps on the putting green after the wide arc line drives over the golf course.

The Moon’s cycle is faster than Mercury’s and close to Earth instead of the Sun.  It is a very small body, but because it is so close it has a visibly profound effect on Earth.  In the sign Cancer we see all planets go from wax to wane.  It is the turning point in the zodiac where planets go from progressively more time above the horizon to less.  So the Moon rules the sign Cancer.  The body of Luna rules the turning point in the life cycle from receiving to giving.

Mars, the blind hero, goes from sifting through the scattered pieces of a puzzle to moving them around.  Motherhood is a process of trial and error.  The needy new organism sprung from the body is a mystery.  The nurturing blind hero has to try various strategies to support the divine new creature in its path to the future.  Mars in Cancer.  Heroic giving.

We depend on the soldier to save us from catastrophe.  We all have a soldier within that rises up to take action when the future of our existence is most uncertain.  The inability to see what’s coming is scary, and we develop an inner hero to face that darkness.  In Cancer that hero is nurturing life regardless of what he or she cannot see in the future.  

 The last time Mars was in Cancer was July 14- August 28 2013.