Saturday, July 3, 2010

Atheist, Anarchist, Astrology

  • It is possible to believe in the impossible without giving a flip about some entity called God, or Yahweh or Allah.  
  • Among those who gain the most from so called government, it is a well kept secret that people, when not imprisoned or obstructed through other repressive measures, are amazingly talented at organizing themselves to achieve common goals.  
  • Real time has very little to do with clocks and calendars, and can only be truly experienced by ecstatic meditation on the movements of the stars in the sky. 

  • Atheism is more about believing in people than it is about not believing in God.  
  • Anarchists strive for a world where people are free to govern themselves and discover unimpeded their vast potential to work collectively.  
  • Astrologers tell the story of how we are each a star born of other stars, and are always changing shape like the moon, shining like the sun, and the whole of our lives moving, even when we are sleeping in the darkness, we are always moving. 

Can we not cherish life, love and unexplained miracles without fighting over who is responsible for them?  Could it be that we share responsibility?  Could the miracles just bring us to our feet with joy, and extend our hands out to the universe in gratitude, inspire us to radiate life, love and miracles?  Could it be enough to just live love because love is life?   Could the measurement of time be an exercise in understanding rather than a system of bookkeeping?  Could time be more about the blossoming of flowers and leaves going from vivid greens to brilliant reds; must it measure only the changing of traffic lights and intervals between appointed obligations?  

  • I believe the concept of god is a distraction and a cop out from rising to the challenge to conceptualize an infinite and infinitely complicated existence. 
  • I support people who are critical of governments and work together in spite of them for the benefit of folks who are suffering. 
  • I believe time is what it’s all about, and it is high time that time be returned to the elevated status it had when we first measured it by looking up and studying the heavens.


  1. I believe - this wonderful post! Thanks, John

  2. A most practical philosophy on life.