Sunday, June 13, 2010

Open Letter to Astronomy Magazine

I wrote this around 1986 or 87, when I was renting a room in The Paper Plant.  I tacked it to the door when I got pissed at a letter to the editor dissing astrology.

Letter to Astronomy Magazine  (never sent)
Concerning the astronomer’s dilemma of countering astrologers’ emotional beliefs with rational arguments

Through astrology we submit emotional, irrational urges to universal rational analysis.  We assume that every individual is a unique, microscopic member of a cosmic whole, of which he or she is a perfect representative.  Just like the fragment of a hologram which contains the whole of its parent image, each of us contains the original seed of physical existence.  Each of us comes from the sun.  We are all the result of countless explosions and contractions of residual matter.  Go back to your Judeo Christian literature to The Song of Solomon; that bastardized translation of a famous poetic treatment of a numero/cosmic/metaphysical system- The Residue of Residues is the Witness of our Peace- the mystics’ translation.  Then check out a few books on ancient history.  Anything before 100 BC will be enlightening.  Find out how a sacred scientific mnemonic language was usurped by one warrior race after another.  Knowledge does not simply appear out of nowhere with each new generation.  Knowledge is a conscious building on past experience.  If we disinherit our past, we forfeit our key to the truth; and what ever knowledge we claim to have is only a shadowy corpse of what our ancestors knew.

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