Videos from the Our Sky You Tube channel. 
If you see only blank page it means blogspot is taking its sweet time fetching the videos from the Our Sky You Tube channel.  This link to the channel might get them up faster Our Sky Videos on You Tube

Here is a link to a couple of posts about why the line for the MC (in above video) moves back and forth and why some signs take longer than others to rise.  Part 2 in the Zodiac Series  I never made the charts for the last half of the zodiac.....maybe one of these days.  I would really like to show how that line for the MC jumps open while Sagittarius crosses the midheaven.  If I can ever get around to doing the charts for that it would make it very apparent why Sagittarius is called the archer.

This next video started out as a way to show the cycle of two planets from one conjunction to the next.  Then I decided I should add some historic events to make it more interesting.  Then I thought it was too apocalyptic so I added the definition of Jupiter and Saturn at the end and a quote from Plato's Timeaus.

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