Monday, October 27, 2014

Mars Entering Capricorn

When the Martial ability to act without judgment is well tempered, with the energy at its lowest point, it is most appreciated.  


Nov 11, 1918 when the Armistice was signed with Germany to end WWI is also a day Mars entered Capricorn.  Mars in Capricorn is kind of like a month long holiday for soldiers that comes every two years.  They don't always get time off, but they receive appreciation.  Mars was also in Capricorn in the middle of the Great War from Dec 2, 1916- Jan 9, 1917.  Let' s go back to the beginning, here's a chart for when Germany bombed Algeria under the Russian flag at the beginning of the war.

You can see Saturn almost caught up with Pluto (in beginning of Cancer).  They reached exact conjunction May 19, 1915 two weeks after the sinking of the Lusitania.
Next a chart for the end of WWI.  In the Armistice Chart the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto is opened up, and Jupiter the opportunist is no longer under the direct influence of Uranus the revolutionary but advanced to the ominous shadow of Pluto.  What began with high expectations for the Austro-Hungarian Empire while Jupiter was meeting Uranus in 1914 was winding up in a loss of innocence about nationalism.  Jupiter was exactly conjunct Pluto Aug 10, 1918.


Unlike now Mars was not the ruling planet during the years of WWI; the Moon was (Pluto and Saturn in Cancer) and the Sun (when Saturn and Neptune entered Leo) and Uranus (Jupiter and Uranus in Aquarius).   So astrologically speaking WWI was about social revolution (Uranus), nationalism (Moon) and ego or spirit (Sun).  Link to page about Dispositors and link to page about Rulerships and Exaltations.

So there are many differences between now and Nov 11, 1918 but there is still something special about Mars entering Capricorn.  The soldier is exalted.  The soldier reached a place of exaltation that day the Armistice was signed and we can look for current events to reflect a similar elevation of the hero.  Mars is the hero, the animal in each of us.  Mars is our ability to consume others and our ability to talk and shout.  It is our ability to move around.  It is our ability not to think, or communicate, or judge but to act.  When that ability to act is well tempered, with the energy at its lowest point (Capricorn-the sign of organization and institutions) it is most appreciated.  

Here is a chart for today.  The exaltation of Mars is a sobering affair as we would expect with any planet in Capricorn- picture a soldier receiving a medal of honor from the president.  The deed celebrated in that medal is heroic but chances are good the soldier being honored lost a comrade or killed someone in the action.  These years while Pluto is in Capricorn the elevation of Mars is even more somber than usual.