Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Birthday (a little late) to John Dancy-Jones!

This is one of the first charts I ever calculated way back in the days of the Thursday Night Open Poetry Readings.  I bought “The Handbook of Humanistic Astrology” at the Paper Plant, a very lucky find as back in 1985/6 there were few books floating around that explained how to calculate a chart.  

Here is a prettier version of the same chart.  I wrote that the moon in Sagittarius is the soul of a philosopher, but another sentence that can be made with that astrological placement in the 11th house of reputation is the soul of a publisher of wide repute.
 And last of all a chart for how the Raleigh Rambler has evolved up to this point in time, his 61st year.  This below is a progressed chart- a chart for 61 solar days after the moment (which may be approximate time) of John's birth.  The progressed moon in Pisces is about 18months into a 2 1/2 year period of swimming with the fishes in the wine dark sea. 

Happy Birthday John!