Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Moon is in Cancer! We see it wayyy high up when we are crawling across the bottom of the whirrrellld!

Agh!  Correction!  Yesterday I said the Moon would cross from Gemini to Cancer on Monday and it is already less than an hour from the border crossing as I write this.  The Moon rules in Cancer.  Yesterday it was serving as a balance to the superpact of dedicated reform in Sagittarius, and really didn’t have much influence.  It was kind of a radio free ‘this is not as important as you think it is’ voice in the background of all the charged up mental energy—today in Cancer things will be different.  There is a real emotional pull in this sign.  Geez, now that I have mentioned it I feel like I have to give a good portrait of the Cancer section of the zodiac.  Ugh.
Ugh.  I wanted to write about Mars going into Aquarius a few days ago, something I did not get around to noting yesterday.  The Moon will be in and out of Cancer in less than 3 days?  Why should I take the time to describe that passage?  Cancer is the bottom of the heap, if you live in the northern hemisphere, that’s why we see it soo high up.  The Moon will come up pretty late tonight.  I’ll make a chart in a minute and post it here….

If it is not too cloudy go out and see how highhhhh it is.  Just to make sure you get the idea, look at the Sun over some trees in the middle of the day and note how high it is.  Then go back out and look at how much higher the Moon is over those same trees when you look tonight.  That’s the difference between Sagittarius and Cancer.  (Sun is in Sagittarius.)  There are other things, like hmm.  Now that Moon is in Cancer it will be above the horizon less every day, instead of more every day.  Cancer is the principle of water….drip….drip….drip….slip slipping away.  In some ways it is more subject to gravity than solids.  We think of it as lighter because the light goes right through it, but water – water is special.  Cancer is all about water.  How hard it is to hold it, how responsive it is to the pull of the Moon. 
In Mayan astrology, which I don’t know diddly squat about, but came across a beautiful expression….Mountains of water.  That immediately made me think of tides and the Moon.  I’ve also been thinking today of Gravity’s Rainbow.  Never read it.. Saw my boyfriend reading it years ago.  I thought “ugh that looks wayyy over my head.  Too many cultural references I will never get.”  But now as I am thinking a lot about tides and the Moon and the precession of the Moon’s nodes and all the different cycles that affect the tidal wave that seems to move around us as we turn on the Earth…. How there is not just one wave of the tide, but a rainbow of waves that occasionally unite in one big sucker…….whoah!!!  Sailor overboard!  Assistance.  Assistance.  Turn the boat around.  Waves that were invisible uniting.  Cancer.
Ok that’s it.  The Moon is in Cancer today, a little bit past the balance of yesterday.   A bit wiser to the reforming pair of Mercury/Sun.  Not shouting about that.  Maybe giving a little shine to Venus over there.  Venus with her fate filled zeal and galactic federation seal.  She’s still got a few degrees to go in Sag and then it’s on to Capricorn.  Ugh.  Princess Di on all those state visits.  You reckon she ever missed just taking care of the kids and figuring out how to support their growth as capable citizens when she was facing those people making the big decisions?  You reckon she ever got tired of feeling small around all the deciders?  Venus in Sagittarius is an inner planet in the big leagues, just like Mercury.  They excel at the little stuff that adds up to the big stuff, not the institution building that brings it alllll together. 
Let’s see still want to say a bit about Mars in Aquarius.  Lots of hoppin around here.   Want to get back to studying my cycles of the Moon’s nodes precessing, and the Saturn/Pluto cycle.  Really close to finishing another boring video.  This one will be about Saturn/Pluto.
Mars in Aquarius…..Here I will put a chart for the moment Mars entered Aquarius from Raleigh, my little town.   

Ok.  Mars is exalted in Capricorn.  Standard image for me is athlete on pedestal receiving medal.  No.  Good soldiers do not express non state sanctioned opinions by solidarity fist raising, or hands in air mimicking street kids surrendering to authority.  Soldiers put their minds on the shelf at home and PUMP up the adrenaline.  Listen to that drum beat and rush to the battle.  Mars in Capricorn is done with the battle and getting licked by the state.  Good soldier.  I’ve been reading quasi anarchist literature in the last 24 hours.  Can u tell?

Mars in Capricorn is the soldier rubbing shoulders with the higher ups.  If that soldier behaves, or did what the state wanted, or somehow earned respect from people in power it gets to shine a bit with them.  But the party only lasts for 30 degrees.  Then what?  Then it goes to Aquarius.  Now this is …..shifting here to geo stuff…. This is where we are going down.  Aquarius is more the water pourer than the water bearer.  It kindly lets those molecules get together, together, together, and gain a little more weight till they start just falllinnn out of the sky.  Actually we are just turning down in our daily revolution.  But there is so much going on with the Earth going around the Sun and all, those cave people were trying to incorporate the concept of going down in our daily revolution with an increase in energy from having the Sun up a wee bit longer when it got into that sign, or any other planet for that matter.  Aquarius.  Mars in the sign of water pouring out of a bucket.  A human is turning that bucket.  A human up in the sky.  Plato said something about human souls being special.  I can’t remember what, he said a lot of things that seemed pretty absurd.  It is hard to decide what to keep and what to toss out.  But there it is.  A human letting water go down.
Mars is kind of done in Aquarius.  It  makes me think of Eisenhower and Washington and General Grant.  Not to mention the Egyptian army that were the big heroes until they were the deciders.  Nobody likes the ones deciding.   Well for everyone that does someone doesn’t.  It is not good for popularity, Aquarius.  You kind of have to not give a you know what, in Aquarius.  You have to let it alllll go.  Something matters, but it is so high up there only the weightless will see it.  The ones on the ground doing the lifting will not see what is at eye level for the soldier in Aquarius.  We’ve got a few more weeks to think about Mars in Aquarius.  It takes a little time, we can revisit the soldier in the sign of the guru … let me make these charts and get back to my studies.
Thanks a lot for reading these posts by the way.  I really appreciate having an audience.

I really like these astro maps!  Here's a pair for when I started making charts for this post.  It's about an hour after I started writing.  You can see the Moon has moved over to Hanoi and Mongolia.

Now the map version. This one is not cropped as much as the one for 11:33.