Sunday, March 20, 2016

Irish Lit

My husband said, real slow, after i'd been talking about his friend once again for almost half an hour, "ya know sounds like youur in love."  His pitch rose just a tad on the 'L' word.  He's not nearly as perceptive as he sounds.  i told him i felt like i was in love months ago and he's probably forgotten.

When he said that Friday night though, i jumped on it, and said i have been for months, except when we had no contact, and then i could get him out of my mind.  but now he's back and I'm in love all over again and finally getting over it.  But that was before our visit today, and the book by Twenty Major.  And I'm back to where I imagine his wife must have been when she fell in love with him.

Mr. Llyrica.  I used to hate making up fake names, but that's all in the past.

Here's the clock time for about the moment I started reading out loud from "The Order of the Phoenix."

Nurse Grumpy had left us alone for 3 hours and we passed the time awkwardly as usual.  he kept turning the tv off, turning it on, turning the sound down and then turning it on when i said i can understand the game better with the sound.  soccer.  his favorite team from London was playing Barcelona.  Arsenal has been his team since he was a boy.

i have to drag this stuff out of him.  today i asked him if it is hard to make a sentence.  he said no but acknowledged that he doesn't talk as much.

now it is Monday morn.  my little phone keeps closing the internet down.  got a call from my old bf.  mad at his cab company boss, so i get to hear about him going to see Slayer, reading "The Prose Factory" and a book about Malcolm X and Mohmmed Ali.  He is calming down slowly he says.

these are all shots of the same chart for the moment i started reading Twenty Something over at Mr. Lyrica's yesterday.  it was sweet.  he was chuckling at the funny parts.  i am not entertaining company with Saturn progressed rising, so it was a real pleasure to stumble on this comic blogger turned book writer.

i really like that Pluto was in the house of fun when it happened.

i give up.  the cursor is like that silver ball with wings and a mind of its own in quidditch.  while it is cooperating it looks like i might be going with my husband to visit our son in Vineyard Haven.  i am waiting to hear back from him.  Friday was a big day.  Thurs night camping with Al Lyrica was sweet, then talking with his wife on Friday, then the call from my husband Fri night.  my hands were shaking pretty bad Thurs.  i do what i can to calm down and avoid more thyroid frying radioactive iodine pills.  one was enuff.

here tho now is the beginning tale of how i became sweet friends with an old friend.  every week since Feb we have goten together.  nurse grumpy slipped me 50 bucks yesterday.  she was happy when she left at 2 and all business when she returned at 5.  back to work, taking care of a man with a deadly craving to escape from what we can not know.  we are determined to keep him loved and among the living for now.  11:17am Mon and off to clean for a wonderful customer and her 90 year old mom "The Pistol."  she just wants to go up on the hill.  another soul we cling to because she is too beautiful to let go.