Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Starting the Day at the Top of the World

At 8:20 this morn Raleigh is about 54 minutes into the downward half of its daily rotation on Earth’s axis.  Xining, China- on the opposite side of the northern hemisphere is about 54 minutes into its upward rotation.  In Xining, folks can look due south and see Jupiter (Jupiter is at bottom of chart in 10degrees Cancer) peaking in its nightly arc across the sky.

This chart, for Raleigh at 8:20 am, almost an hour after we reached 0degrees Capricorn on the midheaven, shows 13degrees Capricorn 25minutes on the MC.  Medium Coeli is Latin for middle of the sky.  In order to show that Uranus and any thing else in 22degrees Aries is coming up north of east, instead of exactly east, where a planet in 0degrees Aries rises, we move the line for the midheaven to the west a bit.  This also indicates that Mars in 27degrees Libra is setting a little bit south of west instead of exactly west.

So the line sticking up from the top of the chart is just a marker to help us see exactly how much the ecliptic is skewed to east or west depending on where we are in our daily rotation.  Since Raleigh is descending, we can see a bit more of the ecliptic rising in the east than what is setting in the west.  When we finish the first third in our daily fall to the bottom, 0degrees Pisces will be on the MC and that stick will be situated so far to the west that there will be an arc of 110 degrees between the Ascendent and the MC.  That will happen at about 11:30 this morn.  When the first degree of Capricorn or Cancer is on the MC the stick stands straight up making a 90degree angle with the Ascendent. 

East is in the left side of the chart.  You can see the symbol for Uranus at 10degrees Aries 55 minutes.  The 22nd degree of Aries was coming up over the horizon in Raleigh at 8:20am.  It is now 9:36 as I prepare to leave for work and the moon at 10 degrees Taurus is already above the horizon.  The sign Aries rises quickly.