Thursday, May 7, 2015

Moon in Sagittarius Facing Venus at the Very End of Gemini Today

Just a quick couple of maps today showing the Moon 2 weeks ago meeting with Venus in the Libra duad of Gemini ……and today on the far side of the zodiac from the planet of human gestation……Venus is in the last, or Taurus,  duad of Gemini.  Moon this morning (9:29am in Raleigh or 13:29 UT) is on the other side of the zodiac going from Libra duad of Sagittarius to Scorpio duad.  

While the Moon is straight up in the sky tonight for any point on Earth, that point is shooting over the top of the spherical mountain.  I've been too occupied with work and rest to post anything in a while.  Last night and this morning I spent some time listening to taintradio.   I got up a chart for the morning while taintradio was playing and noticed the Moon at the end of Sagittarius in fulfillment with Venus.