Thursday, November 20, 2014

Saturn Making Traveling Plans

It is still a month away but since the Moon is in Scorpio (today and tomorrow) let’s talk about Saturn about to get sprung from the darkest circle of hell.  This has been a really tuff time. 
I’ve gone through this before, but let’s go over it one more time.  In fact let’s get real specific.  Jan 1985.  Look at the chart for the wee hours of this morn (Nov 20, 2014) and see Saturn at 26degrees Scorpio.  Then look at the ephemeris grid for Jan 1985 and see Saturn at 26degrees Scorpio. 
A lot of things are different now, aside from the fact that we are all 29 years older than we were the last time Saturn was in the sign of shadowy futures. 
Looking ahead, we see Saturn advance to the next level Dec 24.  It’s got a star around it in the Dec 2014 grid.  But remember there will be a regression to Scorpio in the summer of 2015, just to make sure we get that deep stuff all worked out.  

In the zodiac Scorpio is where the loss that began in Cancer, loss of energy that is, as the Earth’s north pole shifted away from the Sun, the center of our planetary system- -Scorpio is where that loss finally turns around.  It is where the giver finally gets control over the giving.  In the Serious Attention to the Light meditation Cancer is where we first see the outgoing energy, the loss, the giving.  Every sign after that the giving just increases.  In Leo the increase slows down a tad, but the overall generosity is still way up there.  By Virgo the rate of energy loss is reaching plateau, it is like the old Chinese guy in Wild Swans confidently pouring tea to the very lip of the cup without spilling a drop.  In Virgo there is so much experience behind the giving, an unsurpassed knowing of where the next offering should go.  In Libra it is just a banquet, a feast for all.  Libra is the big show of giving before the recession into austerity.  All through Scorpio that outgoing energy is turning around.  The generosity is pulled back.  The seed develops a leathery coating to protect it from the elements.  Who knows where it will go, how it will travel.  The Scorpio period, much like the Aries period, is the stage where plants display characteristics of animals.  In Aries the sprout comes out like a chicken from and egg, and in Scorpio it goes back in.  It says no one is home and suggests supplicants look elsewhere for nourishment.  By itself it is virtually useless.  Unlike the stalk it grew on, it will not perish.  It carries the flame of future life.   In Scorpio the plant no longer offers itself to feed the world. 


I've written and talked about this so many times in the last two years, now it is almost time to compose a page about Saturn in Sagittarius.  Almost, but not quite.

The Moon is now in Scorpio. Tomorrow it will contact first Mercury, then Saturn and the Sun.  In the Dec 2014 ephemeris grid above you can see the Moon again in Scorpio on Dec 18; that will be the last foot washing of the fallen leader before the journey through the highlands. 

Of course the planets themselves are not climbing, they are only advancing around the ecliptic.  We are the ones who will climb higher to reach Saturn for the next 2 or 3 years.  

Think back to Jan 1985.  Had someone you admired come down from a pedestal?  Was your perception of them less glowing?  A more honest bond with a mentor or institution is the kind of experience associated with the much longer cycle of Saturn.  With its 29 year orbit Saturn marks the life stages of organisms that survive intact through many cycles of the Earth circling the Sun.  It is perseverance building from one year to the next.  While Saturn is in Scorpio we see how even the best examples of unbowed strength are subject to the forces of nature.  Soon we will see Saturn without the baggage of unyielding conviction.  After such a prolonged period of doubt and uncertainty about the future, whoever or whatever was a revered institution for us will have something better than our admiration.  When we stand with our representative of integrity we have knowledge of their weakness that we once lacked.  We know from experience what they cannot give and our choice to stand by them is based on a better perception of reality.