Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mars in Libra balancing Uranus in Aries

I have the day off and am watching videos of Lenny Bruce.  What a sweetheart.  What a great living example of Mars in Libra.  What a testament to the fact that a debilitated planet is often far more beautiful and inspiring than one that has power.

Also in the back of my mind are the photos of the palatial mansion in Ukraine abandoned by the Russian backed president in the wake of the popular uprising.  Nothing has been destroyed.  All those shiny floors, the sparkling crystal and panes of glass, all the bad art and reproductions of ancient Greek sculpture is unharmed after the crowds of amazed citizens danced through to gawk at what their taxes bought.  The galleon….well television viewers have probably seen this tens of times but I’m including a link anyway.  Luxury Ukraine presidential home revealed  Mars in Libra….  Grinding to a halt.  Noone really stopping, just the fact of relative motion.  Relative to Earth, Mars is barely moving.  Libra.  Not too high, not too low.  Right in the middle. 

In late July Mars will enter- with more speed- Scorpio, the sign it rules passively.  And do not forget that Uranus is only 1/3 through Aries; it entered the explosive sign in 2011- so after this period of relative civility the pumped up planet of revolution will get a behind the scenes boost from quietly ruling Mars, as will Saturn, which has been in Scorpio since October 2012.  Red hot revolution, disposited by raw energy and secret power, is currently tempered with a prolonged dose of diplomacy.  So much unrest, for so long, and still 4 more years to go.  Links to The Bangkok Shutdown  and the diplomatic flurry

I repeat this over and over, the last time Uranus was in Aries was during the years of the fascist party’s rise to power. 

Uranus was in Aries April 1927- March 1935.  In May 1937 Saturn entered Aries while Uranus was putting down roots in Taurus.  By May 1939 Jupiter had entered Aries and was catching up to Saturn- Fortune and Consequence meeting in the sign of open hostility.  In May 1942 Saturn had caught up with Uranus at the end of the sign Taurus, the bull, the worker, the stubborn one. 

Uranus in Aries now- 2011-2018.  Every day, any signal reaching us from that planet literally jumps over the horizon once any point on Earth hits the peak of its daily revolution.  When the Sun with its court of Venus and Mercury come through, when Moon sweeps through in a couple of days, or Mars in a month, or Jupiter in a year; when any planet comes through Aries we see its signal leap over the curve of the Earth as we are going down.  It is all because of our tilted axis. 

But Mars, right now on the opposite side of the solar system from Uranus, is seen as we are coming up; it first becomes visible to a spot on Earth climbing from its low point.  Mars in Libra takes 2 1/2 hours to complete the same rising arc that Uranus in Aries makes in 1 ½ hours.   The planet of war is actually balancing the warring planet of revolution!

Link to post about Lenny.  His birthchart showing Mars in Libra is at bottom of post.