Sunday, October 6, 2013

Venus Enters Sagittarius

This Monday Venus enters Sagittarius and comes under the rulership of Jupiter.  Go to this link for a crude image of planets in signs of rulership and exaltation.  

It is now 1:12pm Sunday, Oct 6 on the east coast as I continue working on this post for Monday.  The Moon is at almost 5 degrees Scorpio soon to be lined up with Mercury, assisting our planet of communication in navigation of a labyrinth.   By the time Venus enters Sagittarius tomorrow the moon will have passed ‘over’ Mercury, and then Saturn the disciplinarian. 

By Tues afternoon the Moon will be lined up with Venus as the planet of peace and diplomacy begins its month of adventures in the territory ruled by Jupiter.  The initial passage of Venus into Sagittarius (Mon 1:54pm east coast) will be thick and bubbly compared to Tues afternoon.  Let’s look at the new list of subcontractors that Venus will be working with in the land of improvisation and higher learning.

Since our goddess of kindness and accepting-things-as-they-are will be in the sign actively ruled by Jupiter, let’s take a minute to see what the god of the thunderbolt is doing these days.  In the chart for this post we see the great benific over in the upper right quadrant in the sign Cancer.  

For northern hemis any planet in the sign Cancer gets a lion’s share of hours above the horizon.  For slow planets like Saturn and Pluto that is kind of a drag.  Most of what they do is linked to austerity rather than unlimited supply.  In the case of Jupiter however these extra hours of ‘visibility’ are an asset.  They don’t give the god of long journeys power, just more appreciation.  Jupiter rules in Sagittarius and Pisces, two places along the ecliptic where the amount of radiation received is changing by minute increments in one direction or the other.  Though it may not feel like it to us the hurler of thunderbolts is all about hitting the center of a target.  Rulership of two signs where the changes from one degree to the next are very small reflects Jupiter’s accuracy, even though it may feel arbitrary to Earth bound souls.

Jupiter in Cancer until July 2014 is exalted.  He or she is high and is not afraid of the elevation.  In the same place Saturn would be trying to figure out how to calm things down and put the surplus of energy away for a rainy day, Jupiter just gives it away, the way adults caught in the orbit of helpless children give, freely.  All Jupiter in Cancer needs is someone in need and there goes all that extra energy. 

Jupiter is faith, or the soul ruling over existence.  The glyph for this planet is a crescent moon for the soul-- over a ‘+’ for the earthly cross of existence.  The cross of existence is the reality that we in physical bodies are limited in time and space.  The soul is our awareness that we all depend on each other and all existence is one continuous river of being.  Jupiter’s 12 year cycle around the zodiac encompasses our capacity to step out into the world with the conviction that chances are worth taking.  This base is developed in the first cycle when we are supported by the adults around us.  They lift us up, feed us and then like good Saturnian forces stand by and watch as we scale obstacles on our own and fly off to meet new experiences. 

The drama is different for each of us.  Some, born at times when Jupiter is debilitated or fallen from power will not have as much faith as others, or their faith will lead them on messy adventures.  Right now, while Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, faith is soaring.  The sign Cancer is associated with not just nurturing, but also nationalism.  Our country was founded when Jupiter was in Cancer.  This link goes to a post from 2011 with our nations chart-->  2011 Post with Chart of USA  

So we have established that Jupiter this year is as high as Spaulding Gray after smoking a Thai stick in “Swimming to Cambodia,” what else is there to know about Jr. in Cancer?  Well, since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, our planet of luck is under the influence of the Moon all this year.  Think of the tasks that fall to someone caring for new life.  Think of the tides rising and falling.  Think of those movies we watched to learn new songs where they said “Follow the bouncing ball!” and we learned how to read from the ball that hovered momentarily over each word as we heard someone singing over the speakers.  While Jupiter is in Cancer we follow the moon like children learning to read by following the bouncing ball.

Ok, that’s Jupiter, but weren’t we talking about Venus entering Sagittarius on Monday?   Yes we were.  Finally, the lovely pearl of the dark horizon is making its escape from Scorpio and the rule of Mars.  From Monday afternoon until Nov 5 Venus will be ruled directly by Jupiter and because Jupiter is in Cancer, indirectly by the Moon.  Monday while the Moon is in the last degrees of Scorpio Venus will be wrapping up this past month’s work with Mars.  Tuesday at 8:22am Raleigh time the Moon will enter Sagittarius and tell both Venus and Jupiter, “Actually, for the next 60 hours I believe it is the prophet’s turn to take the stage.  I think I’ll go change a diaper or feed someone, or just focus on the tides.”

Come to think of it Moon/Venus won’t be the only ones deferring to faith; every planet except Neptune will be under Venus’ rule as long as the Sun is in Libra, and so they will all take their seats and listen to what the great gas giant with many moons of its own has to say.  Until Oct 23 Venus and Jupiter are a celebrated if not powerful pair.

By Thurs 11:20am local time the Moon will be in Capricorn and for 60 hours rule will pass through Saturn and Mars to the Sun in Libra before coming back to Venus.   But through it all, as the Moon moves from one planet to the next, Venus is talking first to Jr. because he rules Sagittarius.  There will be a good push of conviction behind any spinning wheels that can’t seem to get traction.   Venus in Sagittarius is a bit like falling in love with a member of a traveling band, the romance may not last but the experience will be hard to resist.

One more tidbit to consider these next few days while Mars wraps up its passage through Leo, and Venus begins a month under the rule of elevated Jupiter; Mercury is meeting with Saturn the planet of limits and great works.  The communicator is not fooling around right now while there are serious documents to be handled for someone of great consequence.