Saturday, September 28, 2013

Moon and Jupiter Radiate Light of Kindness on Buried Venus

We revisit the Moon conjunct Jupiter today while Venus is low.  On the last meeting between Luna and the great benific (as Jupiter is often called) Venus was strong because it was in the sign of partnership and cooperation, Libra.  Saturday Aug 31, 2013 Moon conjunct Jupiter in Cancer  This month as the Moon meets Jupiter, Venus is in Scorpio and has fallen from power.  Not many people consider seeds beautiful, they tend to be more attracted to the plants and fruits those seeds can produce; Scorpio is the sign of fallen fruit and the seed.  

Venus near Saturn in upper left quadrant, and Moon near Jupiter in upper right quadrant.

While Venus is in Scorpio we are profoundly aware of the limits of what love can accomplish.  We see the dead ends of relationships and the ways life gets stuck, stopped or drained and dejected.  Venus has been in Scorpio since Sept. 12 and will move on to Sagittarius Oct 15.  The planet of diplomacy is well ahead of the Sun in the zodiac and we get at least an hour to look at her after sunset every night.  But these mature signs, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn are low on the horizon and represent areas in the cycle of life where experience rather than innocence rule.

So these days when the Moon is near this year’s nurturing Jupiter we get a chance to feel the difference between slogging through the sad facts of life and being lifted up with hope at the same time we acknowledge the corrupt nature of existence.  Last month’s meeting of Moon and Jupiter was lighter with the air of Venus in the sign of friendship; this month’s is heavier as Venus leads the sun along the ecliptic to the adult signs.  Still, hope is unmistakable on this day after the moon has met great Jove, sitting on his throne, sipping ambrosia, lightning bolts stashed in their Olympian quiver.

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