Serious Attention to the Light                

To really understand the zodiac we stop.........sit like yogis-in-front-of-flames and examine the number of minutes and seconds the light is above the horizon every day.  No predictions --just honest to goodness old fashioned meditation on the local generator of light. It is inconvenient to sit in the middle of a stone circle for a year and watch how high the Sun rises every day and how many minutes and seconds tick off a mechanical device while it is up.  But we do have the internet where we can get that information from someone who took the trouble to observe and record the motion.  We begin with Aries when the increase is as great as it gets and constant.  Here is a link to the Daylight Hours Calculator site where I got this data. They have a lot more data than what you see below and are always adding interesting stuff.  Of course their year begins Jan 1, so I rearranged things a bit.

A clip, clip here.  And a clip, clip there.  And a couple of ha ha ha’s…..And we have an old timey year.






Then one day nothing is owed but 'whatever' just keeps pouring in, right, we're talking about energy actually, just pouring in, and the balance is tipped ...... 

and the seed explodes
and the cycle starts all over again.

Keep in mind that the zodiac is the unit cycle, generated by the motion of the Earth around the Sun on its tilted axis.  When the Sun is at 0 degrees Capricorn our north pole is leaning away from it.  Any planet at 0 degrees Capricorn will be situated so that our north pole leans away from it. 
Any planet in 0 degrees Aries will be above the horizon 12hours and 8minutes (varies with latitude).  Any planet at 30 degrees Aries will be above the horizon 13 hours 17minutes. 

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