Sunday, September 5, 2010

which group has the power to declare war

I do not know where that above title came from, it appeared in the bar when I clicked on  it.  I didn't think I had been posting political entries, but apparently Blogspot is psychic because I was signing in to complain about NPR's coverage of the successful Hamas attack on 'settlers' in Palestinian territory.

Was it Robin Lustig who said the Palestinians threatened to derail the upcoming peace talks with Isreal by murdering Isreali settlers?

If someone were building homes on my land I would call them invaders or at the very generous least, trespassers; and when their government has attacked...ohhh

Why are radical religious fundamentalists victims if they are on the side America funds?  If they are fundamentalists whose goal is to take land from people who the UN declares are the rightful residents, and whose objective is to establish an oppressive religious state, that sounds like the terrorists we're sending our youth over seas to subdue.  But BBC calls them victims and speaks in a highly righteous tone with the Palestinian representative they are interviewing, "How can Hamas justify the killing of innocent women and children?!" 

Who is really derailing peace talks; the 'peaceful settlers' (cowboys and indians all over again) or the people defending their UN declared (reservations) territory?

The native Americans were driven off their land to make room for people who had succeeded in overcoming persecution, and so turns the wheel of Karma.  Germans, Jews, Palestinians, Mexicans, Lumbee and Ojibwe on and on it goes, it never stops, every one knows.

Mercedes or Hippogriff?

Of course 'I' did not get the car running; the customer who hooked me up with the give away tried jumping it and then just hooked it up to a charger and got it going.  I got help every which way I turned, which is a good thing because every time I turned around I needed it.  There was the flat tire in the parking lot of DMV when I came out from getting the plates, which a very nice man changed for me.  He said he offered help when he saw me turning the bolts in the wrong direction.  I knew he was confused until later when I couldn't get the fuel filter loose and asked for more help from my kind customer.  He looked at what...ohhh let's just say I do believe in miracles and the kindness of friends and strangers because I benefitted from all three on Thursday.

Did I count my blessings and lay low?  NOOOO!  I took the car to a skatepark 60 miles away!  We bonded, me and that car, and I'm sticking with the object pronoun because I feel that we have been thrown together in another example of Toltsoy's explanations of fate and free will.  I thought I chose to take advantage of a rare opportunity, but now it just feels like another happy miracle.  I don't know about my son, he fell asleep on the way home, but he did get a kick on the way to the skate park out of my new driving style.  "Woah!  50 miles an hour!  Dang Mom,"  he said, "you're flyin."  This is a 1985 Mercedes 300dt- the dt is for diesel turbo: serious but reluctant power with a sobering thirst for fuel.  When I step on the accelerator I feel as though I'm on the back of a Hiippogriff; with an arched brow, it asks before takeoff if I am sure this is what I want to do.

I have filled the 23.8 gallon tank and am watching the gas gauge like a pensioner watching the stock market numbers across the bottom of the tv screen.  It bumps back up toward the end of a run like it knows a rest is coming and can breathe easier.  I can't wait to turn the key in the morning and see where the needle points; will it be down a quarter of a tank for 120 miles?  I'm already looking forward to the next trip so I can burn up the whole tank and see how many miles it will take me.

There is this problem with a knocking sound that became evident when we got off the highway and drove the last 3 miles back home.  All the mechanics are closed till Tuesday so I'll have to wait till at least then to get help with that.  It was a wonderful day trip.  My son had a good skate session.  I just hope he'll be willing to ride his bike downtown for the next few days while we meditate on this latest development.

Venus and Stonehenge
I'm going absolutely nuts with the astrology,  drawing pages and pages of mini charts to show the cycles of Mars and Venus.  I was actually pretty pissed this evening, when I realized that yes, the Venus/Earth/Sun cycle is too close to the gestation period of the human fetus to discount.  But I had to finish cooking dinner, enjoying it with my son and then feed all the animals; so by the time that was done I was just happy to get back to drawing all my little charts.

I keep remembering the movie about Stonehenge that we saw on three different occasions when I was in the 6th grade.  I usually recall checking out an astronomy book in high school and being fascinated with the discovery that time was originally measured by the movements of the planets.  Now, as I count off the weeks between her conjunctions with the Sun, I remember the chalk filled holes at Stonehenge and the remarks about how scientists thought they were for following the cycle of Venus.  That would have been very useful in planning  for the birth dates of babies.  Venus-about 40 weeks from one conjunction with the sun to the next; much like the two weeks when we observe the waxing of the Moon from a thin crescent to the full circle.  Who would have thought we could let something that poetic slip out of our cultural cannon?   I am pissed, and a  little sad, but determined like a good Taurus to quietly spread the word.