Monday, September 29, 2014

Venus Enters Active Rulership in Libra

Starting today at 4:53pm local time Venus will be taking over the show.  

Warning!  Skip the following paragraph if you don't want to read about dispositors! 
Every planet except Neptune who is ruling in Pisces will come under the ruler of the sign Libra (Link to page on Rulerships). Mars will come under Venus’ influence through Jupiter.  Mars in Sagittarius is in the sign ruled by Jupiter.  Jupiter is in Leo this year so it looks to the Sun.  Since the Sun is now in Libra, Jupiter as well as Mars is ultimately disposed by Venus.  Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries are both disposed by Mars and we already went through the Mars chain of command.  Pluto in Capricorn is disposed by Saturn so the disposal of the distant weeble also gets funneled from Saturn through Mars and Jupiter to the Sun and finally Venus.  The Moon will co-rule with Venus and Neptune while it is in Cancer, other than that period it will also come under the influence of Venus. (Link to page about Dispositors)
That’s the story until Oct 23 when Sun enters Scorpio and Mars gets a share of the say again. 

Ok.  This one is safe!
Venus in Libra is actively ruling, compared to Taurus where it rules passively.  You could think of Taurus as the place where Venus takes a bunch of energy and turns it into something useful.  In Libra Venus is using the rapidly diminishing energy to make the useful thing attractive.  Food is good, colorful food is bound to be eaten.  Something like that.

But of course with me it is always mechanics and more mechanics. 
I made (Well, actually Astrodienst did it) a few charts to show how the zodiac is represented setting in the west as the Earth turns to the east.  In the first chart (above) for 4:53pm when it is just crossing into Libra, you can see Venus on the right side of the chart fairly high in the sky.  The next chart for 6:40pm shows V just about to disappear under the western horizon.  Everything above the horizontal line shows the part of the zodiac above the horizon if we look due south from Raleigh. 

Then at 6:41pm the King/Queen of Kindness sets and doesn’t come up till after the Sun the next morning.  Look how close Venus is to the Sun! 

The main thing I wanted to show was how Venus (and the Sun) sets in the west, at the same time it is making a wee wee bit of progress into the first degree of Libra which is the opposite direction. You can see in the little blue box that it goes from 0degrees 0minutes Libra to 0degrees 6minutes Libra. 

Also, (I cannot shut up!) it is so cool at the beginning of Autumn that we are at the top of our daily revolution just as the Sun is going down.  This is shown in the chart by Capricorn the Goat on the MC.  When the symbolism gets to seeming wishy washy it is nice to know where we are 'as the world turns'.  

The Seasons Demonstrator below shows Nigeria and Algeria at the top of their daily revolution with the Sun setting.  Our longitude is at midday on the way up.  In other words  Richmond, Raleigh and Cancun see the Sun in Libra on the MC.  I can't make the Earth turn in this animation so you will have to imagine six hours later when we are at the top and Nigeria is going down on the dark side.

Whoever is at the top of their daily revolution has Capricorn on the MC 

Here is a virtual view of tonight's local sky right at sunset.  In the city you should be able to see Mars just above Antares a bit west of MC, Saturn further west, and Arcturus high above the ecliptic in the west.  You might have to slide the bar at the bottom to get a look at the Western part of the sky.

Happy Venus entering Libra!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Moon goes from Pisces to Aries

I’ve been so busy doing Virgo axis stuff I have not posted my thoughts about them.  The chart for Tuesday shows Venus opposing Neptune with a thick red line, finishing up its term in Neptune’s 6th house and about to enter Neptune’s 7th of partnership.  (6th house is apprenticeship.)  The Moon in Pisces is in the 7th house from the Sun.

The 2nd chart takes us back to Monday night at about 9pm (Atlantic Coast) the Moon was just about full, or entering Sun’s 7th house of fulfillment/partnership.  At the same time Moon was crossing from position of Sun's student to partnership, it was lined up with Chiron- a wee little bitty thing that zooms around in an orbit out between the paths of Saturn and Uranus, it is a somewhat eccentric orbit.  Chiron is often referred to as the wounded healer.  The astronomers name these heavenly bodies after mythical figures and they do a great job.  The story of Chiron is really cool and worth looking up.  What I want to point out is Uranus rising (left side of chart just above horizon); the chart is for about 5 minutes after it came over the horizon.

I only knew about the Moon’s conjunction with Chiron because I had such a special moment with my neighbor friend between 8:30 and 9pm and looked up the chart as soon as I got home.  I went to have birthday pie with my friend and wound up helping one of her sons with homework.  I’m not very good at the patience thing with children.  The homework was really difficult.  We made it through and because it was someone else’s child, not mine, I did not slam a cup of pennies on the table and tell the quivering child to COUNT!  I held my temper and looked at my friend so I would hold it some more.  She looked right back at me.  We waited and waited.  The boy got it!  He figured it out without shedding a tear.  Patience…..ahhhhh.  Moon conjunct Chiron in Pisces across from Sun in Virgo.

There’s more, but I am really late for work.  One last chart showing the Moon today coming up on its monthly meeting with Uranus in Aries.  Things are picking up …. The highlight is less on the contemplative Virgo/Pisces axis and getting things just right and more on just getting them done.