Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Moon goes from Pisces to Aries

I’ve been so busy doing Virgo axis stuff I have not posted my thoughts about them.  The chart for Tuesday shows Venus opposing Neptune with a thick red line, finishing up its term in Neptune’s 6th house and about to enter Neptune’s 7th of partnership.  (6th house is apprenticeship.)  The Moon in Pisces is in the 7th house from the Sun.

The 2nd chart takes us back to Monday night at about 9pm (Atlantic Coast) the Moon was just about full, or entering Sun’s 7th house of fulfillment/partnership.  At the same time Moon was crossing from position of Sun's student to partnership, it was lined up with Chiron- a wee little bitty thing that zooms around in an orbit out between the paths of Saturn and Uranus, it is a somewhat eccentric orbit.  Chiron is often referred to as the wounded healer.  The astronomers name these heavenly bodies after mythical figures and they do a great job.  The story of Chiron is really cool and worth looking up.  What I want to point out is Uranus rising (left side of chart just above horizon); the chart is for about 5 minutes after it came over the horizon.

I only knew about the Moon’s conjunction with Chiron because I had such a special moment with my neighbor friend between 8:30 and 9pm and looked up the chart as soon as I got home.  I went to have birthday pie with my friend and wound up helping one of her sons with homework.  I’m not very good at the patience thing with children.  The homework was really difficult.  We made it through and because it was someone else’s child, not mine, I did not slam a cup of pennies on the table and tell the quivering child to COUNT!  I held my temper and looked at my friend so I would hold it some more.  She looked right back at me.  We waited and waited.  The boy got it!  He figured it out without shedding a tear.  Patience…..ahhhhh.  Moon conjunct Chiron in Pisces across from Sun in Virgo.

There’s more, but I am really late for work.  One last chart showing the Moon today coming up on its monthly meeting with Uranus in Aries.  Things are picking up …. The highlight is less on the contemplative Virgo/Pisces axis and getting things just right and more on just getting them done.

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