Sunday, November 16, 2014

Venus Enters Sagittarius as the Sun Lines up with Saturn

By 2:04pm Raleigh time Venus will be finished with its term of nonendearment in Scorpio and beginning the frighteningly romantic passage through Sagittarius.  During this year’s period of rocketing adventure Venus is well grounded by Mars ahead in Capricorn and the Sun/Mercury pair being left behind in Scorpio.  The giant fire ball and its messenger linger a few more days with Saturn near the edge of the water before ascending further and leaving that last shred of comfort behind.  Such small still bodies of water offer little refreshment and after a few dips in them we are ready to move on up; almost ready for take-off, but not quite.  Mars has taken off and landed so Venus has someone small and strong waiting on the other side of the arc.  Venus bids farewell to dispassionate Saturn and gives thanks for the experienced company during the strange and beautiful process of shedding old skin.  

In our lives down here Venus is reflected in the plant more than any other life form. As material forms of life plants are subject to corruption.  Now what's left is the seed, free to begin anew.  

But let's take a look at what is happening in the heavens around us while things have been going to hell here on Earth.

Think of the planets as gods that we have to climb or descend to every day as we ride around on Earth’s big strong back.  Right now Jupiter in Leo is the first one we see as we start the climb from Cancer the Crab on the midheaven.  The Sun and its court is well ahead of Big J so we have to climb 4 more hours before they come into view.  

At 6:22am as Raleigh continues its climb, it steps out of heaven's shadow into the stream of radiation coming from the Sun.  We see its light pouring over the eastern horizon.  In an hour, Jupiter still high in the sky, will become invisible in the Sun's great light.

By 10:24am Raleigh was 2/3 of the way up in its daily climb and almost directly facing the group of planets hovering around 25 degrees Scorpio.  By 12pm we reached closest contact with Sun, then Saturn and finally Venus.  At that time Venus had not yet crossed into Sagittarius, we still saw it in the Scorpio section of the zodiac.

In the chart below for 2:04pm Raleigh is reaching the peak, where the vista is widening with every step upward.  As we crest and move toward contact on the MC with Pluto and Mars, Venus steps from Scorpio to Sagittarius.  We can see it slipping a bit to the west as we turn, but can we feel it crossing that ancient imaginary line on the ecliptic?

While Saturn still has time in Scorpio, enough to remove many more truckloads of  guano from the cave, Sun has less than a week in this awkward 12th of Earth's orbit.  What does a luminary wear when it's been working beside an old general in the deep dark mines?  Venus, only a few paces ahead of the pack, is free now, leading the way around the zodiac.  Every day we turn a little higher before we meet the god of flora eye to eye.