Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mars Reaches Tender Point with Jupiter


This is a dizzying meditation that many people will walk away from.  Go as far as you can until your eyes cross - and leave the rest.  Next time you read a post like this you'll get a little bit further ......

Most basic astrology books include a list of ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ aspects.  Here we will be looking at the relationship between two planets by considering where they are in a repeating cycle of meeting during conjunction, separating till they oppose, then returning to meet again in a new conjunction.

Mars formed an exact opening square with Jupiter at 6:47 Friday night in Raleigh.  When a planet enters the 4th house from any point it is in an opening square with that point or object.  I drew the first chart for the exact time Mars reached 90degrees from Jupiter in the zodiac.  That line at 5degrees Scorpio 53minutes looks like a house boundary but  is actually a marker for the mid heaven. (Scroll down for chart) The top half-size chart (further down in this post) is a bit easier to read and shows more about the dynamics of an opening square; I did it for the period when Mars was rising Saturday morn to show how any planet in an opening square looks up to the planet or point it is squaring.  It does not matter if the slower planet is in a sign at the beginning or end of the zodiac, it is in a position of seniority to the planet forming the opening square.  

So, even though Jupiter is in the ‘young’ sign of Leo it is senior to Mars because it is in the 10th house when Mars is rising.  When Mars in Scorpio is taking action in the 1st house, Jupiter in Leo is near the top of its daily arc across the sky in the area associated with career.
It is really cool to think of how planets relate to each other depending on where they are in a cycle from one conjunction to the next.  When any planet is right behind another one, within 30degrees of catching up to it, it is in the slower planet’s last house, and so in a spiritual, or Piscean relationship to the slower planet or point.  I keep adding ‘point’ because this is the concept behind houses in the chart that most people are familiar with, namely, how many 30 degree sections they are removed from the ascendant;  and also used in Draconian charts where planets are analyzed according to how far they are from the North Node.  Basically houses are just 30 degree sections from a location.  The named houses that we first learn about in astrology are sections counted from the ascendant in their order of rising.  For more on houses see Mechanics of the Chart

Saturn in Uranus' 8th House

If one planet is 150degrees from another it is in its 6th house of apprenticeship.  If a planet is 210 degrees ahead it is in the 8th house from the slower planet.  Right now Saturn is beginning to pick up speed in its own deliberate fashion, and advance from the very beginning of Uranus’ 8th house.  The 8th house marks the point in a relationship after a deal has been completed and the two planets get down to the nitty gritty essence of what’s between them.  It is where the reality behind the deal is hidden and the fine print is magnified.  Saturn has been in its first adult stage with the planet of revolution since Oct 2013; for the three or so years before that it was fulfilling the 7th house Libran promise of the Aries revolution.


Back to Mars Squaring Jupiter

I love this meditation.  In Friday’s case with Mars entering Jupiter’s 4th house we see that even though Mars is ruling in the sign of secrets it is in a vulnerable position to Jupiter’s expansive drive toward self expression.  As the generous hurler of thunderbolts sits high in the sky roaring about this and that, Mars is probably worried about what would best be left unsaid;  which can of worms is not ready to be opened in the light of day where any passing birds can get an easy snack.


Moon in the Mix

In the big chart you can see the Moon in a fulfilling 7th house relationship with Uranus Friday; but at the same time it was coming to terms with Uranus, it was under the 12th house influence of Mars.  And then Mars, now only 13degrees behind Saturn is in a Piscean relationship to the general who by now knows  the dirty tricks.  You can just go on forever thinking about how all the planets relate to each other at any one moment.  It is an honest to goodness heavenly mandala!
The longer two planets remain in the same stage the more time you have to ponder their relationship.  In the case of the Moon we have only hours to consider where it is to the other planets before it has shifted to a whole new set of relationships.

The Relationship from Both Sides


It is confusing, but enlightening, to go back and forth between a pair of planets and consider the relationship between them from each planet’s point of view.  While Mars is looking up to Jupiter the moment it is rising- where ever Jupiter is rising it is seeing Mars in the 4th house of home, the house associated with family and emotional security.  You can follow the pair through all the houses and consider where the faster one is when the slower one is in a particular house.  For instance, when Leo Jupiter is in the 9th house of social reform, a nice soap box elevation for any performer, Scorpio Mars is in the 12th house where it has no control.  Or you can say while Mars is incapacitated in the last house, it can look to vocal Jupiter in the 9th for assistance.  You can make a sentence or two and stop there, but the more you think about how we relate to each other on earth, the more you can see the intricacies involved in the way Jupiter and Mars blend their energies.

Mercury in Closing Square with Mars

The second mini chart for Saturday just shows Mercury reaching the 10th house from Mars.  (And there's that confusing MC slash again, at the beginning of Mar's 10th house!) So Mercury, the little yo yo, gets to have the next couple weeks every day up in the sky, doing its Mercury in Leo tap dance, shiney shoes and all, while shady Mars in Scorpio is coming up in the east.  And don’t forget Mercury is meeting up with Jupiter, not drawn in the lower chart.  Mercury is basic perception and Jupiter is higher intellect, or synthesis.  This next week should be a real philosophical hay ride.  I can just see Mars and Saturn in Scorpio bumping along on the trailer stacked with hay, scheming to inject a bit of Guy Noir flair into the flashy production led by Jupiter and Mercury.

Looking back at Mercury's Opening Square with Saturn

I see Mars near Saturn and jump to thinking about the relationship between Mercury and Saturn.  Saturn is in the middle of Mercury’s 4th and Mercury is in Saturn’s 9th leading me to wonder about the last time Mercury was in Saturn’s 4th house.  In other words Mercury is almost in a closing square with Saturn, a mature position for the yo yo compared to the general, and I’m wondering about the last time Mercury was in an opening ‘tender’ square with Saturn.
Jan 25th when Mercury was at 22  Aquarius, an intellectually focused sign associated with mature reason, it reached the tender 4th house point of its cycle with Saturn in Scorpio.  While the yo yo was communicating established knowledge in its 1st house, Saturn in its 10th was deliberately organizing secrets.  The tension did not dissipate till early April when Mercury reached 23 Pisces, the 5th house from Saturn, and they entered the creative point in their mutual cycle. It is strange to think of it this way, but while Mercury was in mature Aquarius it was like a crawling infant learning to stand up compared to any planet in Scorpio; when it advanced one 30 degree section it was standing on its feet and able to walk.
Lets look again at this couple from Mercury’s Aquarian and Piscean locations instead of Saturn’s in Scorpio.  In  late January while Mercury was between 23 Aquarius and 22 Pisces it was 10 houses from its next meeting with Saturn and saw Saturn in an authoritarian or Capricorn light. In April while Mercury at 23 Pisces was 5 houses removed from its last meeting with Saturn, it could look ahead and see Saturn 9 houses before it.  In other words it could ‘see’ that it had 9 houses to go before catching up with Saturn again; so Scorpio Saturn was in Mercury’s 9th house and appeared to Mercury in a philosophical or Sagittarian light.  From Mercury's point of view, Saturn went from being an authority figure to an educator.  

Ok, I have been fiddling with this post since I got up this morning.  It is time to send it out into the world and let intrepid readers make what they can of it.  I'm ready to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies!