Wednesday, February 10, 2016

From the Philosopher's Pen

I love each of my customers for a different reason.  the one i clean today is every other week.  he lives alone, keeps a very clean, comfortable, well maintained house and his door is ever open to visitors from near or far with all the good food, music and drink any one could care to enjoy.

in this house i am always alone, except for the days when my friend comes straight home from work and i am still there after 8 hours.  it is only a 5 hour house, but i take 3 hours to enjoy his space in solitude.  today i picked up my favorite book of hnis and read this from the very beginnig:

"in the preceding books i have laid down the principles of philosophy; principles not philosophical but mathematical: such, namely, as we may build our reasonings upon in philosophical inquiries.  These principles are the laws and conditions of certain motions, and powers or forces, which chiefly have respect to philosophy; but lest they should have appeared of themselves dry and barren, i have illustrated them here and there with some philosophical scholiums, giving an account of such things as are of more general nature, and which philosophy seems chiefly founded on; such as the density and the resisitance of bodies, spaces void of all bodies, and the motion of light and sounds.  it remains that, from the same principles, i now demonstrate the frame of the System of the World.

from the first paragraph of Book Three  The System of the World(in mathematical treatment)  Newton's "Principia"

actually i opened to a random page in the middle where he was describing the path and other characteristics of Halley's comet.  that got me stoked and i went to the beginning.  the part about optics is a bit more tedious with all the diagrams.

any way thanks to my customer.  he knows who he is.