Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jupiter Exalted in Cancer

No charts today- we are just going to use our imagination and the hints given by the zodiac.

Jupiter travels a twelve year cycle whose first completion is associated with adolescence.  Cancer is whatever we see due south when we are at the bottom of our daily revolution. 

We are currently lined up with the sun so that it is just visible as we begin our daily descent, referred to by ancient astrologers as the time when Capricorn the Goat is on the midheaven.  While the Archer is on the midheaven we are in the last section of our arc toward the daily peak.  When contemplating the zodiac, it doesn’t matter whether we can see stars beyond our solar system or which constellations happen to be visible during the age of our existence--what matters is that we see the planets lowest in the sky because we are as high on the Earth as we can get.  Capricorn-as high on the Earth as one can get.

In other words, at this time of year while the Sun is 2/3 through Pisces, day begins, for anyone around 35degrees north of the equator, at the moment they get to the top of the spherical mountain.  Night, when the Sun’s radiation is completely blocked by earth’s great mass, begins as we are almost to the bottom, reaching down for the Crab.

During this age, called by many the Age of Aquarius, we face away from the center of our galaxy every time we reach the bottom of our daily revolution.  During this Age of Aquarius, we see planets just East of Orion when we are down with the Crab.  In fact, right now, Jupiter in Cancer is lined up with our neighbor star Sirius, which is bright and visible in the same direction of the sky as Jupiter, but much lower.  But that won’t be till tonight, when our part of Earth is turning its back to the Piscean Sun.

Jupiter exalted in Cancer is an astrological formula handed down through many centuries along with the zodiac.  We have been given these riddles that were probably at one time methods for remembering where we actually are on the Earth when the light comes from various angles.  Jupiter’s 12 year cycle is not as mature as Saturn’s of about 28 years, but it marks a point in the human life cycle when one can do for oneself what was once done for them by others, including thinking, reasoning and most fun of all, philosophizing.  When we receive Jupiter’s signal from the lowly position of the Crab, every day, for a year, it is like –well I don’t know what the ancients thought and it would probably be wise to read what other astrologers have to say about this, but it makes me think of a twelve year old being applauded for philosophizing.  Is this philosopher coming up with original concepts?  If so how well have they been tested?  What will happen if every one takes these new ideas and adopts them as a religion or creed?  Cancer is associated with religion and nationalism, which is quite different from philosophy and higher learning.  It seems to me that religion and nationalism are ideas that are handed down from on high and accepted by those at the bottom, because they are at the bottom.  And Jupiter in Cancer represents the excitement of new untested ideas, inspiring us while we are crawling with the Crab.