Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Charts for Rising Times of Signs


This is a series of charts to show the varying amount of time it takes for different signs to rise.  You can also follow the opening and closing of the line of the midheaven (MC).

The zodiac marches in regular time at the rate of 4 minutes/degree across the MC.  When we look due south (or due north from the southern hemisphere) we see the ecliptic move at a steady pace across the sky.  But when we look to the east or west it is a different story.  While Aries takes less than 1 ½ hours to rise, Cancer and Scorpio take almost 2 ½ hours.

The series begins with Aries rising and Capricorn on the midheaven.  The eastern sky opens quickly while Capricorn and Aquarius are crossing it (east is on the left), but begins to close when Pisces comes across.  The line representing the midheaven gradually moves back to the middle until it is straight up again in Cancer and then moves further and further east through Leo, Virgo, Libra and a few degrees of Scorpio.  In Scorpio we see the line begin moving back to the middle.  It snaps straight up from Sagittarius to Capricorn and the cycle begins anew.

I will make another post with a full explanation of how the chart maps our daily revolution from a specific point on the globe.

On the chart for Sagittarius rising don’t let the line pointing to the beginning of the 11th house (0degreesLibra04minutes) confuse you.  The MC is 11Virgo49.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Capricorn Jupiter Rising in the Chart of Lenny Bruce; the Mask of the Fallen Philosopher

Brenda used to pick up money every night for the club.  Lenny was staying at a motel nearby, so she’d pick him up too and drive him to work.  One evening they were passing a field full of flowers and Lenny yells, “Stop the car!”  He jumps out and starts running across the field, leaping around in the flowers and rolling in them and yelling gibberish.  Brenda thought he was insane; she didn’t realize he was high and just wanted to roll around in some flowers like any other junkie.  Then he got back in the car and they went to the club.     
                                                          From Last Words by George Carlin
                                                                                         And Tony Hendra

Progressed chart for April 1951 arrested for deceptive money making scheme

Above is the chart for the month he was arrested for soliciting contributions to a charitable organization and pocketing over 50% of the income.

Moon in Virgo in 9th house of publication is a soul developing critical intellect through social justice.  No, you don't see his moon in Virgo in the above chart, we're talking now about his natal chart at the bottom of the post.

That moon in Virgo had been lined up with Neptune, the planet of collective vision, 16 hours before Lenny’s birth, so his soul was operating under the immediate influence of his generation’s great dreams.  While Neptune was at 24degrees Leo, those dreams concerned the worker’s understanding of entertainment and gross (as in mundane or pertaining to the real world) self expression. 

Libra Mars in the 10th house of career had been passed by Sun back in Virgo (September) and at his birth the hero was one third of a sign behind the king (sun).  Lotta Libra!  Mars, Sun and Mercury.  Very balanced spirit, mind and inner soldier.  Even under attack, the hero can grasp the legitimate concerns of the attacker when Mars is in Libra, especially during the period when the big kahuna is passing through with clerk of court handily nearby.  Very civilized. 

And yet….there not far ahead in the zodiac is Saturn in Scorpio in the 11th house of reputation and peers, an authority figure digging up the dirt and sifting for ballistic evidence of past battles. 

Finally, in the last house of fate and dreams is Sagittarian Venus, in the early stage (2degrees) of the zealous search for truth; this ruler of kindness and harmony is locked away in some institution or disabled through his/her own devotion to reform.

But back to the beginning, the first to rise in the east is Jupiter in Capricorn, taking chances with tradition and institutions. Jupiter in Capricorn is the teenager, the prophet, the philosopher, inside the social machine of shoulds, better nots and character shaping consequences.

In the house of communication, or language learned in childhood, is Uranus, the planet of social revolution in Pisces, the sign of compassion.

Pluto, the foundling that rose to stardom in the solar system, and then got demoted when the same strong telescopes that detected its distant reflection began to see numerous fragments of similarly small consequence as individuals; Pluto, named after the Greek god of the underworld had been in Cancer since the beginning of WW1  The planet of little consequence was almost half way through its long passage in the sign of the family and nationalism, in the section of Cancer associated with change, the Sagittarian duad or dodecatemoria, a romantically idealistic stage in the zodiac, a passionate nurturer of the exile. At the moment of Lenny’s birth in Mineola, NY Pluto was about to set on the western horizon, the area of the sky called the house of partnerships.  

I am posting both his natal chart and the chart progressed for the month he was arrested for a deceptive money making scheme, the Brother Mathias Foundation scam.      
The progressed chart at top of this post shows Jupiter exactly on his Capricorn ascendant.  Jupiter the teenager/prophet is in its fall in the sign of tradition and consequences; so this chart for the month he was arrested is a good example of the mask (ascendant) of a fallen gypsy.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Moon Meets Saturn in Scorpio

The old moon is up, a lovely large crescent still low enough on the eastern horizon that I can see it through the naked tree limbs.  I am washing dishes now that I am reenergized from an after dinner nap, and my kitchen window faces slightly east of south.

Tonight the lawsuit against teenagers for cyberbullying was up first on my attention grabbing Yahoo homepage, offering an inspiring example of moon meeting Saturn in Scorpio.  The planet associated with responsibility and consequences has been in the sign of secrets since Oct 2012.  By Dec 2014 it will have shed lots of outgrown skin and be ready for the next step in its 28 year cycle, the Sagittarian search for ….something.  What is the seed looking for when it travels on the wind?  A better life?  Or just a different one?  A fresh start?  Anyway, Saturn will still be in Scorpio for 10 more months, so there will be 10 more moments like this where the moon comes through and brings the protective gravity of nurturing parents into karma’s treatment of secrets.

I spotted Mercury tonight at least 20 minutes after sunset.  It has taken me over two years to catch that little bugger at sunset.  Earth Sky News had a headline about it being visible a few days ago so I went out tonight expecting another failure, but there it was, actually rather high on the western horizon, twinkling faintly above the lights of South Saunders Street. 

Now that I have gotten familiar with the movements of our neighbors in the solar system I am venturing a bit further…I studied the maps of our sun in the Orion Spur- and now imagine us on winter nights not just at the bottom of our daily cycle of revolution, but also facing away from the center of our galaxy as I look at the sword in Orion’s belt and recall the pictures of the Horsehead Nebula.  It has been a long road from elementary school wondering how people could possibly see hunters and crabs in the patterns of the stars to now feeling like I could go back in time and actually have intelligent questions to ask ancient astronomers about how they perceive the universe.  

In my internet surfing this week I landed for the second time on a wikipedia article ‘The Myth of the Flat Earth’; the article refers to Washington Irving’s ‘A History of the Life and Voyages Christopher Columbus’ and Thomas Jefferson’s ‘Notes on the State of Virgina’ as two recent promulgators of the myth.  Washington Irving was the author of the popular ‘Tales of the Alhambra’, ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ and ‘Rip Van Winkle’.