Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mercury Meets Saturn in Scorpio

And MP Goes on Hiatus

The climax was last night just after 8:06pm eastern time. 

I posted an essay (on the Our Sky Face Book group) earlier this morn about one responsibility I accepted yesterday and the stew of emotions it got bubbling.  This chart for the evening shows the many other wonderful things that the universe was spinning out in our corner of the galaxy yesterday.  I won’t tell about the lovely project coming to fruition in my family; I will just say that Venus is now reaching fulfillment in her cycle with Jupiter.  I will relate that as I was walking the second son home last night, Venus was bright in the western sky and the kindergartner was excited to share what he had learned about that wandering star; but that’s just one small blossom among the many that I can see currently unfolding.   

Mercury conjunct Saturn can be seen at the bottom of the chart, but were only visible at dawn yesterday.  Here in Raleigh the skies were clear and they were a beautiful pair on the eastern horizon before the sun came up.  Mercury is the most difficult planet to ‘catch’ visually because it is always so close to the Sun. 

Todd Clayton suggested I check out Michael Lutin’s astro site.  I have not done that.  I hope Todd will post a link; professional astrologers are a big help for people who do not yet know (it is always my dream that one day people will be as comfortable reading charts of the ecliptic as they are reading clocks and calendars) how to read a chart.  One of the most valuable psychological skills we neglect to develop by turning away from these old teachings is the ability to outline the conflicting thoughts and motivations which compete in our minds.  Astrologers show the resulting tensions as part of the natural unfolding of life.

Look who the Moon is approaching- Mars!  They only meet twice in Virgo this year compared to 9 times in 2011/2012 when Mars was retro in the 6th sign of ripening to perfection.  Our upcoming Martial entrenchment from Dec 8, 2013- July 26, 2014 will occur in the sign Libra.  Prolonged challenges to our Venusian sense of beauty and fairness are on the way; we will be following Venus closely since it is the planet that rules Libra.

I leave you all with that.  An old family friend agreed to let me interpret his chart for practice, and for the last two months I have been searching for a block of time to focus on recording the reading.  Until I finish with that project I will not be posting.  Till then – mazel tov