Pluto in Capricorn

Self Governing Exile
Below are links to 2 posts I made in the summer of 2011 concerning Pluto in Capricorn.  They include charts and have a lot of very basic information about the historic and current significance of Pluto passing through Capricorn.  We will not have a taste of Pluto in Aquarius until March 2023, so we have many years to ponder this planet every day as we face it during the peak of our daily revolution on earth's tilted axis.  Like goats on a mountain we will always "see" it low on the horizon.  I put the word see in quotation marks because Pluto is so small and far away that it is difficult, but not impossible to find with a good backyard telescope.  These years when the slowest planet is in the sign conducive to organizing, people return to considering self government, as the colonists did before claiming independence from England.
Mars Opposing Pluto  I wonder how many tea party activists know they are a text book example of how astrology works.



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