Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sun in Libra Opposing Uranus in Aries

From Raleigh Neptune is about to rise at the moment the Sun enters 7th house from Uranus

This is a chart for the moment Sun crosses into the 7th house from Uranus.  This transition is usually referred to as the Sun opposing Uranus*.   Aspects are one quick way of visualizing the spatial relationship between the planets.  Opposition helps us picture immediately in our minds a pair of objects on opposite sides of a circle.  Houses are the other way of describing where planets are in reference to one another.  Houses and aspects are like astrological synonyms; though they have slightly different meanings they can be used interchangeably in most cases. 
For instance when giving someone directions to your house you can tell them to go through 3 traffic lights before taking a left, you can tell them to go 1.2 miles or you can say turn left at the 5th intersection.  They are all different ways of measuring off a distance.

                   <  *  >      <  *  >                      
Side note here:  In the zodiac we are talking about physical objects or abstract points making their way around what appears to be a circle.  It is not really a circle, it is much more complicated than that, and that’s why each section of the zodiac is assigned a different combination of essences and modes and its own mascot- to help us remember the varying speeds of rising time etc that objects are subjected to in different sections of the repeating path. 
The vast majority of people practicing astrology have no idea of the real nature of the zodiac and yet they are able to communicate fluently and quite intelligently among other astrology speakers using the language.  Though I spend a lot of time referring to the mechanics behind the language it is not necessary to have that knowledge to speak it.  I read and wrote in astrology for over 20 years without having any idea of what the zodiac really refers to.  

Here, on this blog, we are dissecting the language and trying to understand how it works, but that doesn’t mean we have to understand it before we speak it.  No language works that way.  Very few of us have any idea of the origins or linguistic patterns of our native language but still use it with little worry or care of whether we are using it correctly.  We are just trying to communicate.  Don’t wait to understand how astrology works before you speak and think in the language.  Think of it as a language used by your native group that for some reason was denied or lost.  When you are among other astrologers you are just returning to the old ways of describing the passage of time.  

Where were we.   Aspects and houses.  The Sun in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries is the same as the Sun entering Uranus’ 7th house of partnership.  This is why I lean toward using houses instead of aspects, that poetic word- partnership.  7th house is also hidden enemies, contracts etc.  I like that better than opposing, though opposing is still quite descriptive.
For the last month Sun has been in the 6th house of Uranus.  When Uranus was rising the Sun had just set and was kind of like the kid sent off to bed while the grownup Uranus was doing its thing.  Beginning today, and more visibly tomorrow, the Sun gets to stay at the party after Uranus has finished its business and retires to the 12th house, or back of the line. 
Just showing the Moon rising here
I’ve described this in another post but have not yet made a page dedicated to the basic concept, so here is a quick review.  Today it is not visible, because we are only calculating charts to the minute.  We would have to me more accurate to show that Sun will be up for several seconds while Uranus is in the 12th house.  While Uranus is rising it is executing its action for the day, that’s the big moment of the day for any planet, the period just before it rises.  As soon as it comes up the action is complete and it can only deal with reaction until it comes around to rising again.  I have a chart for tomorrow to show Uranus risen, just having backed into the 12th house (fixed houses here- to get an understanding of difference between fixed houses and houses from another planet see this link), and Sun still in the 7th house for just a few minutes more.  Every day as the Sun advances in the zodiac and Uranus is standing relatively still, or in this case apparently backing up, the Sun will have more minutes at the debutante ball (7th house) while Uranus has passed from being at bat in the 1st house to being completely without control in the 12th house of fate. 
Grown up Sun alone for a minute at the ball while Uranus retired in 12th house
Venus is very close behind the Sun in the zodiac.  It sets just a little before the Sun each day right now.  It is very slowly catching up to the Sun and will soon have the same equal status with Uranus, hanging out a few more minutes above the horizon every day while the planet of revolution is sitting on the bench waiting for its turn to come up again.
I have only briefly mentioned in another post the fire triangle Mars is completing between Uranus and Jupiter.  Venus is ruling at a very high energy time this year and has a lot of control over the situation. 

* If you google aspects you will find lists of words like conjunction (0° separation), sextile (60° separation) , trine (120° separation) and opposition (180° separation).