Saturday, August 6, 2011

August Horoscopes

Aries:  Two years ago, when mars opposed Pluto as it does this month, angry protesters were shouting down U.S. Senators at town hall meetings for health care reform.  The four way wrestling match then was government versus family crossed by technology facing compassion. (Remember death panels?) Passions will ripen every two years over the theme of family, but the tech/compassion dichotomy has morphed to marriage versus individuality.  Your task is to sniff out the truth and advocate honest debate.   

Taurus:  The party is just warming up, and peaks on the 15th.   The love you feel among friends will warm your heart for a long time to come.  On the 22nd, your coach turns into a perfect pumpkin; so, no worries about too much fun.

Gemini:  You’ve got some paper work through the 7th, and though the pushy presence from last month clears out on the 3rd, Jupiter remains dogging your steps with boring stuff that fascinates neither of you.  He can’t leave you alone, but note how he makes the mundane fun with scathingly brilliant ideas.

Cancer:  When Mark Twain wrote about life as a river boat pilot on the Mississippi, he gave vivid descriptions of whole sections of land swept away by the river from one trip to the next.  Experienced pilots were indispensable as the only people with intimate knowledge of where a boat could get caught and damaged on hidden obstacles.  You will be challenged Aug 9&10, 16&17 and the 25th to safely navigate strong emotional currents.

Leo:  Anything special happen Aug 2003? Like an amazing friendship, that out of the blue opened your eyes to new horizons?   Something a bit less dramatic is in store for you this month.  It won’t be as unexpected as 2003, but you’ll get plenty of appreciation and a sense of inner peace.  You will also get a nice boost to your idealistic tendencies.

Virgo:   With Jupiter in Taurus since May chances are good you are enjoying some new physical activity this summer.  Exercise gives Virgo a mental jolt that’s just as potent as a good book of philosophy.   You can expect to be faithful to this regimen through next May, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of the continuing opportunities for entertainment this month, especially around the 14th.   The most spiritual thing a Virgo can do is wear something colorful and radiate pleasure.

Libra:  There is not whiskey in the water; this month people really want to hear what you have to say.  The attention of the audience will peak around the 18th, but you have until the 21st and then venus begins her retreat in the nunnery.

Scorpio:  The invitations to converse that tormented you last month will feel like a welcome opportunity to discover new ideas this month.   Mars advances from garrulous Gemini to prostrate Cancer, where it is weak as a critically wounded warrior.  So why do I expect this month to be easier?  Scorpio frowns on recreational conversation like society censors sex and death; but enjoys discussing the transformative power of strong emotions.

Sagittarius:   The only way to study the wheel of fortune is to board it like a carnival ride and spin until your time is up; watching others scream with delight is like reading the math book before the test instead of picking up a pencil and solving the equations.  This month you explore how people stash the fickle mover’s blessings with the amused perspective of a true philosopher.

Capricorn:   These really are hard times for Capricorn and this month the passions are peaking.  (See dates in Cancer.)  Hold your head high and know that no matter what is taken from you, you will come out stronger.   Dignity is yours; exercise your power to choose it.

Aquarius:  Whatever brought confusion and a sense of unreality to your life, from 1998 through this past March, returns Aug 4 and stays until January for a reflective epilogue. Meanwhile, your sense of humor and ability to command the audience’s attention will work diplomatic wonders.

Pisces:  You should be to the point now where you can talk about the drama instead of dealing with it.  With venus and mercury meeting the sun in Leo (Aug 16th is the big day) it’s a good time to add some entertaining hyperbole to the telling of your adventures.  We could so use some twisted fairy tales.