Monday, January 5, 2015

Kind Communications in Aquarius

We now have 3 planets in Aquarius; Mars at 25°, followed by Venus at 3° and Mercury at 1°.   These next several days, while Mercury draws up right behind Venus in Aquarius, are a golden opportunity for the mind to focus and enjoy that process of gaining control.  I always enjoy Mercury when it is apparently slowing down in its oncoming path toward Earth, preceding its period of retrograde motion.  These are the periods when I get the most studying done with the least amount of distractions.  The periods when Mercury is moving quickly forward are taken up with handling direct communications that must be addressed at the moment.  

Every day, as Mercury slows down in Aquarius, we see it head on from our spots on Earth as we are descending in our daily revolution.  For the next weeks Mercury will be the first planet we ‘see’ on the Mid Heaven after Pluto at 13°Capricorn (and the Sun).  Pluto in the middle of Capricorn means it will cross the meridian after we reach the top of our daily revolution like Goats on a mountain top; about an hour later Mercury and Venus, in the beginning of Aquarius, cross the MC.  Locating them in Aquarius tells us that any point on Earth is closest to them, or facing them along the ecliptic, as that point is starting to descend like Aquarian water poured from a bucket.

It doesn’t matter where on Earth you are.  Your spot will be facing Mercury and Venus an hour after your local midday.  While the Sun is in Capricorn, any point on the northern hemisphere faces it when that point is highest.  So the communicator and the friend cross the midheaven as we head back down into the valley.  The long climb is behind us, the vision is before us.  The ecliptic stretches far into the east.
One of these days we have to talk about the view from the southern hemisphere where folks are now playing in the Sun at the beach… of these days. 

For today though we will just stick with the top of the globe.  First up is a chart for Raleigh midday and second is about an hour later when the focused friend and communicator cross the MC as a pair.  The last two charts are for Van who lives near Memphis TN.  
I love the way that line for the MC swings over to the west-- it reflects our wider view of the oncoming ecliptic to the east as we come down the big round mountain.

These charts for Memphis, TN are almost the same.  The main way you can tell the difference is by the figure for Universal Time which is basically Greenwich Mean Time. 
Raleigh has the Sun/Pluto pair about to cross at 17:09 Universal Time and Memphis, TN has them just past the MC at 18:09 Universal Time.  The moon advanced 31 minutes in the zodiac from 20degrees Cancer 51minutes in the Raleigh midday chart to 21degrees Cancer22minutes in the Memphis midday chart.  

Last we have a screenshot from Planets Today at about 1:09 pm showing the dot for Raleigh facing toward Mercury and Venus.  At 12 pm it was facing the Sun and Pluto, not shown in the close up view