Sunday, September 5, 2010

which group has the power to declare war

I do not know where that above title came from, it appeared in the bar when I clicked on  it.  I didn't think I had been posting political entries, but apparently Blogspot is psychic because I was signing in to complain about NPR's coverage of the successful Hamas attack on 'settlers' in Palestinian territory.

Was it Robin Lustig who said the Palestinians threatened to derail the upcoming peace talks with Isreal by murdering Isreali settlers?

If someone were building homes on my land I would call them invaders or at the very generous least, trespassers; and when their government has attacked...ohhh

Why are radical religious fundamentalists victims if they are on the side America funds?  If they are fundamentalists whose goal is to take land from people who the UN declares are the rightful residents, and whose objective is to establish an oppressive religious state, that sounds like the terrorists we're sending our youth over seas to subdue.  But BBC calls them victims and speaks in a highly righteous tone with the Palestinian representative they are interviewing, "How can Hamas justify the killing of innocent women and children?!" 

Who is really derailing peace talks; the 'peaceful settlers' (cowboys and indians all over again) or the people defending their UN declared (reservations) territory?

The native Americans were driven off their land to make room for people who had succeeded in overcoming persecution, and so turns the wheel of Karma.  Germans, Jews, Palestinians, Mexicans, Lumbee and Ojibwe on and on it goes, it never stops, every one knows.

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