Saturday, August 31, 2013

Moon conjunct Jupiter in Cancer (Aug 31, 2013)

The Moon is lined up with Jupiter this afternoon, which can be associated with a pleasant day.  Hope and promise are in the air. 

This is a good year for Cancer natives because Jupiter is in their sign.  Today is especially sweet because the Moon is drawing attention to the great benific like a soft laser, or halo.  People born July 5, 6 or 7 are especially under Jupiter’s spell right now.  It feels good while the planet of soaring insight is there, but soon he will move on to take his promise elsewhere and all that will remain is the lesson gained from an inspiring experience.

Jupiter is in Cancer, which can be thought of as the 4th of the twelve equal segments of heaven we call the signs of the zodiac.  Aries is the first section of the sky where the ecliptic crosses above the celestial equator, the next section is Taurus, then Gemini, and the Cancer section of heaven is where the ecliptic turns from a northward direction to a southern direction.  In other words, the heavenly arc of the ecliptic tops out at the beginning of the sign Cancer.  As the arc follows its descending path Cancer is the sign of giving- potential energy that has been stored is being released as kinetic energy, or spent, like water going over a fall.  That is the area of heaven where Jupiter is until July 17, 2014 when it moves into the sign Leo.

The moon will leave Cancer and enter the sign Leo by 8o’clock Sunday night.  But it will come around to Jupiter again many times before Jupiter is finished with its journey through the 4th sign of Cancer the Crab.  Think of the moon as one of those strobe lights they shine into the sky to advertise a big event in the city center.  While Jupiter stays in the same section of the sky for months at a time, the Moon passes quickly through that same section in 2 ½ days, and is only lined up with Jupiter for several hours.

It is days like these when the Moon is in its sign of rulership (Cancer) and aligned with the planet of surpassing expectations (Jupiter) that existence is so alluring, even though we have Pluto staring the hopeful pair down from the dismally distant far side of the sun.  This pair of the earth’s satellite and the closest gas giant bring balance to our Plutonian awareness of how small we are in the scope of the universe.

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