Monday, August 26, 2013

Marching through the Meeting of Uranus with Pluto

Here we have Mars almost 5 degrees ahead of Pluto, but notice the little 'r' beside Uranus, Pluto and Mars, indicating that all three planets are going retrograde.  That means earth was passing between those planets and the sun.  See the Sun on the right side of the chart at 17degrees Pisces?  We are in the middle of the chart, turning on our axis, and as we circle the sun it looks like it is going through the zodiac.  There is a very cool optical illusion that happens when we overtake any of the slower outer planets- they appear to go backwards.  Anytime you see the sun on the opposite side of the chart from an outer planet you should also see that little 'r' telling you that it's retrograde.

1965 was an astrologically significant year because that is the year Uranus met Pluto.  You know how 12 o'clock is a significant time of day because the big hand is over the little hand pointing straight up?  Wellll back in the olden days.... when two planets met each other that was considered significant.  When the Moon met the sun that was the beginning of a new month, but the meetings of other planets happened less often and so were more weighty as far as time goes.  

So how often do Uranus and Pluto meet?  The last time before 1965 was 1851- so that's about 114 years.  Talk about the clash of the Titans.  Modern astronomers were not fooling around when they chose names for the outer planets.

Mars takes about two years to go around the zodiac, but when earth passes between Mars and the sun, the god of war loses a bit of ground.  Mars is on the march making its way around the zodiac for 20 months until earth comes around and the militant hero seems to grind to a halt and slip backwards for almost 3 months.  That's what was happening during the marches in Selma, Alabama in 1965.  Mars had passed Uranus and Pluto in early Dec 1964 and, after slowing down in Jan 65, by March was actually going back to visit again with the two outer planets in the middle of their historic meeting.  So Mars had a longer period than usual lined up with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo.

 Here is a link to an article about the Selma Marches with several significant dates.  The chart is for the March 7, 1965 demonstration referred to as Bloody Sunday.

Look where Venus was on that day. 

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