Monday, September 2, 2013

Moon Moves from Jupiter to Mars

Saturday the Moon lined up with Jupiter at about 1pm and now it has finished lining up with Mars at about 2:20am Monday morn.  That means it has taken about 37 hours and 20 minutes for the Moon to advance from Jupiter to Mars.  Of course the Moon isn’t actually near Mars, we just see them together in the sky.   
It took the Moon about 37 hours, or one and a half days to get from the Jupiter conjunction to the Mars conjunction; in that period the earth revolved on its axis one and a half times.  In the chart this is shown through the different house placement of the planets.  In Saturday’s chart Jupiter and the Moon were shown together in the 8th house, while in this morning’s chart they are in the 1st house getting ready to come up on the eastern horizon.  

Below is a series of 10 mini charts beginning with the one for Saturday afternoon when the Moon was conjunct Jupiter and they were in the 8th house.  I labeled the houses in the big chart above, but not all of the mini series-- houses are always 1-12 beginning with the first pie slice under the eastern horizon (on the left side of the circle).

Watch how all the planets rotate through the houses 1 and 1/2 times clockwise, while the moon advances step by step from Jupiter to Mars in a counterclockwise direction.

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  1. Moon in Leo Monday after having met Mars over night is energized self expression-- relaxed horses galloping across a rolling field, with manes and tails bobbing like freedom flags in the wind.