Thursday, August 11, 2011

More about Mars Opposing Pluto

Monday I posted one chart for 1763 showing Pluto in Capricorn and then two showing our current Pluto about to 'return'.

The only people who experience Pluto returns are vampires or any one that lives to be 250; that’s how long it takes Pluto to make a complete circuit around (mostly) the perimeter of the solar system.   

The actual conjunction will occur in 2022, so it may seem premature to be talking about
our Pluto return now.  It may also seem strange that I have posted a USA chart for 3:10 am; right now I can’t remember where I got that time, but I do like to imagine someone finishing up the famous Declaration of Independence in the wee hours of the morning, feeling the incredible exhilaration of taking such a tender diplomatic leap, as venus and Jupiter were about to rise with the sun in Cancer.

But getting back to our nation’s Pluto return; this makes a Saturn return look like a child eating pudding.  Think of how many nations have not even survived to their first Saturn return, much less one of Uranus or Neptune.  We are fortunate in the length of time we have managed to hold together as a nation.

Saturn returns, Pluto returns; what does return mean?  It means a planet has circled all the way around and come back to the place it occupied at a designated moment.  We are taking the Declaration of Independence as the designated moment, with Pluto at 27°34; and looking at an ephemeris (Thank you ASTRONOMERS!!!) to see when Pluto returns to that spot.  (Feb 2022) 

Returns are occasions that mark the repetition of cycles, just like birthdays mark a return to a special day in the year (sun/earth cycle).  So returns are like birthdays, or in the case of slow going Pluto, birth years.  2022 is our Plutonian birth year.

Now we come to the part that makes a lot of people squirm, where we talk about the meaning of Pluto.  Pluto in Greek mythology is the god of the underworld.  The story goes that he felt humans' life spans should be limited so they would have more respect for the gods.  This could be because he got stuck with ruling an obscure and thankless area of experience compared with Jupiter and the rest of the heavenly celebrities.   Can you see why modern astronomers would attach his name to the virtually invisible planet in the farthest reaches of the solar system?  

'The lines were dead.'  'Dead air.'  These are common expressions to indicate a failure in real communication.  This is the signal of the exile; too faint to be visible or audible.  This is the signal coming from distant Pluto, a planet that may as well exist in the middle of the earth considering how little we know about it.  

Monday, I posted charts that highlighted Mars opposing Pluto.  Mars is the will, or the light of the sun rising up through existence; it is animal, animus, or animated mud.  What are animals?  They are something spun out of countless revolutions of the earth the same way plants were, but these organisms animated with the energy that comes from the sun, can travel at will.  That’s mars.  It has nothing to do with following a map or morality or any soulful reflection on the cause and effect of actions.  Just an animal with the will to survive.

So what’s highlighted this month (mars opposing Pluto) is the brute struggle for survival in the face of exile; or we could say the hero (in the sign of the family) opposing the god of mortality (in the sign of institutions).  The other planets have not disappeared.  In fact the moon is visible tonight in the same sign (Capricorn) where Pluto is invisible; and Saturn, bless the souls of Libran’s everywhere, is still highly appreciated in the sign of diplomacy. 

Right now, there is a fear that diplomacy is failing because we feel overwhelmed with three planets in Leo stoking the Uranian bonfire in Aries.  The temporary Leonine roar is making it hard to concentrate and take a balanced, critical look at this struggle, which as rational adults we are craving.  On August 22nd when venus leads the sun and mercury into the sign Virgo, we will see the fireworks calm down a bit and have a chance to begin sorting out the mess; all part of the real gift of still being alive.

One more thing.  Since we are still 10 and 1/2 years away from the actual conjunction between transiting pluto and its position in our national chart, this anxiety about our existence as a nation will continue building for some time.  While the martial peaks will only occur every couple of years, there are other opportunities for stumbling along the way.  Pluto appears to be moving so quickly that Uranus will not complete its square with it until 2015 when there will be three planets in fire signs for the occasion.

Now is the time to learn about the history of governments and come to a better understanding of current events.  Though fortune is indeed fickle, providence favors  prepared minds.

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